Tragedy in Our Own Back Yards (#658)

Brad's back and together he and Wayne  process the twin tragedies that ravaged their home town. Twelve people, including a sheriff's deputy were murdered in a local bar and grill by a lone gunman, and the very next day two different wildfires attacked the outskirts of their city and nearby communities. They talk about the impact of these days on their lives personally, how it has touched their community, and their hope that God will help people realize what is truly valuable and find their way into a more-meaningful connection with him. They also talk about suffering and whether or not those that follow him are immune from the atrocities that stalk our broken world.

Podcast Notes:
Wayne's Blog on Thanksgiving in the Midst of Pain
The latest news from our project in Kenya

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts Brad and Wayne. I am in Canada dealing with immense pressures as He walks with me…so grateful that whether it’s your pain (or those around you in your community) or my pain (or others’ who also walk with brokenness) so encouraging to be pointed back to real engagement with Father as Jesus makes Him known. Pretending takes so much effort…your words provided encouragement today. Blessings

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