Finding Our Way Through 2020 (#778)

What a tumultuous year this has been in ways we could have never foreseen!  By popular request, Wayne's daughter, Julie, joins her dad today to talk through how her family is sorting out the twists and turns of 2020. We talk about thriving in the midst of COVID, the contentious election, and the growing conversation about racial justice all going on at the same time. All of it challenges us to think beyond what is good for us individually, to what is best for us as a people. Maturity will always invite me beyond my own personal preferences to realize I'm not the only one in the room. Fairness and generosity are critical to living with grace in a broken world.

Podcast Notes:
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The Social Dilemma
Wayne, Bob, and Arnita discuss living beyond the 2020 election
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  1. I am responding to the small comment inserted in the middle of the conversation about Oswald Chambers. So I am not the only one who is struggling with this author.

    Chambers’ book My Utmost for His Highest has been a book that many believers touted as an important and beneficial book. So I faithfully read it for many years as part of my devotions.

    Recently I picked it up again, and I felt like I was reading a completely different book than I remembered. As well as being somewhat confusing, I could no longer agree with what was being said, and all I felt was condemnation as I tried to re-engage with it.

    It is no longer on my bookshelf.

    • I know some would consider your comments about My Utmost for His Highest as near heresy, but that was my experience too. I still like a lot of what he says but it is laced with such a performance technique that it loses me now too.

  2. Thanks. That was enjoyable. Luis ? First time I have heard you speak of him. When will he be on a podcast? His life stories sound interesting…would love to hear about the miraculous in his life.

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