Out-Running God (#849)

The life of Christ runs at a different pace than what the world demands of us or what our religious performance will allow. Maybe the very thing you're running from is what God wants to use so that you would know you are his delight? In this episode, Kyle and Wayne consider that who I am when I'm at rest in his love is a far better indicator of how he sees me than the damaged me reacting to fear and insecurity. Legalism starts with the premise that we are unworthy of God's love because of what we've done but that's not true; we are worthy of his love in spite of what we've done.

Podcast Notes:
The Jake Colsen Book Club  (Note: the time is wrong during the podcast. At that time it was 10:00 am PDT, but we have changed it to 10:30 for this Sunday.)


  1. I have noticed this “snow covered dung” idea verbalised by this group of thinkers, which includes Paul Young, and don’t find their reasoning on the subject altogether satisfactory, as it has to ignore both Paul and Jesus, that is, Rom.8:7, for example and or Matt.7:11, which is referring to the ego centric nephesh/creature/animal mind we are created with, which was Gods doing not ours Rom.8:20, 9:20, 11:32. God created us that way and then said it was “good” Gen.1:31.
    The egocentric animal mind will then cause us to act contrary to what is good and we have to resist that, Gen.4:7. Abel did, Cain didn’t. Rom.8:4-8. Gal.5:17, 6:8.
    Implicit in Matt.7:11 is the idea that we can and do act in the interests of others, in spite of our tendency to being self oriented.
    Which tells us that we have an awareness which can override our self centeredness if we have the belief that other peoples welfare is also important.
    The animal or fleshly mind doesn’t go away, but we keep it down 1Cor.9:27, and we groan waiting for our change to come and set our whole being free Rom.8:23. Which is Gods doing.

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