The Priority of Presence (#945)

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to join Wayne and Sara are on their cross-country trip, this episode is for you. They share the transcontinental trip to visit with friends of Lifestream and The God Journey as they pause in Lexington, KY. The conversation includes learning to trust, not being afraid of making mistakes as you learn to follow him, taking back your conscience from whoever you gave it away to, and how is Wayne doing after the difficult times in the last few years. Throughout it all they keep coming back to the power of Presence—Jesus with each of us leading and guiding us through life.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Thank you, Wayne, for this one, especially please give my thanks to Sara for the learning to find out what her conscience is part, very helpful.
    That God healed Zoey is the most joyful thing I’ve ever heard, I love dogs with all my heart ( I too have 4 dogs) and I am surprised and amazed that God still gives gifts like this one to people, miraculous healings. I thought He doesn’t do this kind of things anymore, not in our day.
    I’ve also struggled with severe asthma all my adult life and begged God for healing, it did not happened and I’m struggling with trusting God because of this need, He doesn’t seem to care. You say He can transform me trough this suffering if I found Him in it, I hope I’ll find Him on my side and not give up on the hope that He loves me.
    All the topics in this one very helpful to me, (getting my conscience back, the importance of the Presence, the life sucking of religios platitudes, not to be afraid of the darkness inside me, great stuff) I feel God is giving me some light where to look for Him, some discernment to recognize where is He in my day, what it is actually follow Him, which is His voice.

    Have a safe trip home and say hello and give my love to Zoey and little Mandy from me. I’m happy for Sara that she gets to enjoy Zoey for more time, many more years.

  2. Thank you, Donna, for your comment. There is much bad teaching about healing as if God always heals or decides not to and somehow those are expressions of his love or not love. That’s simply not true. God does not look at healing as superficially as we do, and I don’t think he is making choices about that the way we think he does. I have many ailments, some I’ve struggled with for years that I’ve begged God to heal. I don’t anymore. Pain and discomfort are part of the chaos and his purposes wind through it in ways we can’t fathom but we can experience. That’s why this “healing” of Zoey is so strange to me. I have people dying of cancer that I pray for and there’s no movement there. At least, not yet. But we have to assume that God has a purpose in these things we can’t see and a way of moving us through the chaos of darkness that is not as linear as we would hope or believe. In the end we’re left with his love, no matter what, and a way to follow him through whatever we face, safe inside his love, I pray you’ll come to know the beauty of that even if you deal with asthma the rest of your life. It has nothing to do with love.

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