A Diversified Web of Support (#920)

Are like-minded people the best ingredients for fellowship and community? They are if you want to stay stuck in the status quo. Growth, however, means we still consider where we may be getting it wrong and what other roads God might invite us to go down. After discussing not haunting people with ghosts of their past and finding a faithful confidant to process your journey, Kyle and Wayne discuss the idea that you are best positioned to grow and face tragic moments of your life if you have a "diversified therapeutic web of relationships." That is social science talk for having a network of people who don't all think the same way so that you can discover a wider group of options and a better way of thinking.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Wow just listened to the podcast today
    I had listened to a sermon online from a church I used to attend, the sermon was about unity in the church, how Interesting that instead of unity in the whole body of Christ it became unity in the local body and how spiritual that was . Criticism of the leadership turned out to be the main focus, and the comment that we could be led by the Spirit as long as it was accompanied with “proper theology “ really had my yuck meter pegged, so we hen Kyle brought that up it reminded me of that
    And one of the reasons I couldn’t be there even though many of my friends are still there.
    God is so good at leading if I don’t try and control where he is leading
    Great podcast today, now days I look forward to other people’s opinions and experiences as I listen to the Spirits leading

    • Great comment, Doug. It’s amazing how “unity” gets twisted into “conformity,” and mostly to protect those in charge. What’s sad is that the term gets used so much that that way that people no longer see that the guise of unity is being used to trick them into shutting up and going along. I’m glad your yuck meter pinged enough for you to look beyond that sheep pen and discover God has so many other things to show you.

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