De-Personalizing Faith (#842)

In some recent engagements, Wayne has noticed how people de-personalize faith. For them, their faith is correct teaching by which they measure others or a set of rituals that give them comfort. People alive in Jesus are focused on him—his insights, his presence, his leading. They talk about him, invite people to know him, help people sort out how to engage his reality rather than focusing on peripheral issues. Wayne and Kyle explore how we can re-personalize our faith and our journey by find a real engagement with Jesus that grows deeper and richer over time.

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  1. Thank you Kyle and Wayne….another heart felt listen as Jesus untangles more layers in my life. The timing (and l o o o ng timing) has been very painful/frustrating at different seasons. This gave me a perspective that will allow more processing to happen. Blessings, Sue

  2. Wayne I am grateful that you are ministering to young people. Do you have any words of hope for those of us who were raised in the world and didn’t start seeking a relationship with the Lord until our seventies or later? I personally am a heart attack survivor and it is unlikely that I have forty or even 20 years to learn to live loved.

    • (Wayne) Welcome, dear Sis, to this incredible journey. You have an eternity to explore the joys of his love. One day of growing trust in his love, or 40 years, each day is a joy in itself and the glimpses he gives you will continue to add joy to your life. Relax. This is not something to achieve, but to explore and discover. Whether we come in our 20s, 40s, or 70s, he knows that, understands it, and will still open to you all the relationship with him that he desires. You can trust him with this too. With prayers and blessings.

  3. Wayne, thank you for a great podcast. So much in it nails what I’ve been experiencing lately including that saying “A love that I can’t come back from”. It’s been almost 12 years ago since I stumbled across your podcasts which in turn opened the door in my heart to consider a relationship with God. Then just recently I stumbled across a couple of Brennan Manning’s books ( The Furious Longing of God and Ruthless Truth) that really knocked me off my feet. They really crystallized the depth and understanding of God’s love towards me and how it has existed from the day I was born and how much He seeks that relationship with everyone! How can I come back from it?!! Now during our small study group, I seek to share all about a real relationship with our Heavenly Father whenever I can as opposed to just straight up discussion about doctrine or prophecy.

  4. Hi Wayne,
    I was so interested in hearing you talk about those who are proponents of the grace message rather than see it as a door to entering Jesus Himself. I certainly hate the application of scripture from a law point of view but had thought there was something lacking in the grace message( finding some Christians quite arrogant with the revelation) and I think you have put your finger on it dear brother. It’s all about knowing Jesus rather than about Him and His attributes only. By the way, I keep reading ‘He loves me’ to remove the law based perspective that still remains with me. I guess I don’t know Jesus well enough yet!

    • Do any of us know him well enough to untwist all the illusions religion and the enemy has put upon us? It is a long process to learn to let his love untangle the lies and open our hearts to the Truth that sets us free. If what we believe does not open our hearts to Jesus, to learn to listen and follow him, it’s just principles we’re following the end, which is still law. Thanks for writing, Louise. I love your heart here…

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