Finding Confidence in What’s True (#791)

Kyle wants to probe a bit more into Wayne's podcast from last week about how we know what's true. How can a younger generation affirm the truth of the Scriptures when they are often so distorted and when those who say they believe it do not live it out well. They talk about the recent Ravi Zacharias' revelations of moral brokenness and how they stayed hidden for so long. Do you have to believe the Scripture to know God, or can it work the other way around? Is there a conflict between loving someone and telling them the truth, and how do we find confidence in the truth we know when we also realize how incomplete our knowledge is?

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    • Sounds like a trick question, John. Of course, news that isn’t true is a lie. But the label “fake news” can also be a lie when the labeler is denying what’s really true to deceive others.

  1. I like the insight presented on how we can know what is true. We can know God first and then come to believe in the Scriptures.

    I had not heard of the RZ debacle until I listened to this podcast. I have only read one book by RZ and listen to a few of his speeches here and there . Thankfully I did not follow him but knew how big he was. Yet, my head was spinning when I read up on the details …honestly, it put out me out for a day. I think of those who were big RZ devotees … This is gonna be tuff for them. I can’t imagine what they are feeling.

    One of the things that was uncovered was how he used ministry funds inappropriately. Which brings me to question how things are done at Lifestream. I’m always happy to donate to Kenya fund etc .. but I think I owe it to myself to ask more questions.

    Does Lifestream make available all donations received? how are they spent? what salaries are paid? Is there an external audit that is done? It would be helpful to have this available on an annual basis as Lifestream is a registered charity and solicits donations. Does the government not require that ?

    I gain a lot of wisdom by listening to you Wayne and believe I should help out. I am grateful for all the free resources. But I would like to see more transparency in points mentioned above. I would just ask that you give this some consideration.

    From past podcast I understand you and your wife are not getting a salary (effective only this year) and you have at least one IT guy. And I believe you when you say every cent goes to eg Kenya. Other than that I don’t know much else.

    Again thanks for all you do. In light of everything maybe some thought needs to be given to greater financial transparency.

  2. Jag, we are accountable to the board that oversees us, the government in nonprofit tax returns, which are public information. We’ve never had a need or request to do an external audit. It’s all transparent. As you mention most all of our resources are free, though it costs a significant amount to host and maintain all the website resources that make them available. We have not solicited funds for anything here in the past decade except for the need in Kenya. All contributions designated for Kenya are sent to Kenya and much more besides.

  3. The board information is not on the website or I didn’t see it from the quick search I did. So I would need to make a request of the IRS to get more info? Which may prove challenging as I’m not an US citizen. I think it would be helpful to have some of the information u stated above in ur reply on Lifestream website, made easily available. More info and transparency can only be a good thing.

    Thanks Wayne!

  4. There are many charity accountability websites that you can use to secure this information.

  5. Hi Wayne, thank you for your amazing ministry. Reading ‘He loves me’ for a second time now and it had made me realise how many hidden doubts I had about God’s love. Today was my first time listening to your podcast and equally blessed. Looking forward also to exploring ‘The Jesus Lens’ also. Thank you so much.

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