Eden In Our Hearts

When Jesus told his disciples that what defiles a person is not what comes to them, but what flows out of them, he wanted them to know that his healing, freedom, joy, and life come from within. After a brief update on a couple of movie projects Wayne is connected to, he takes on some listener email and blog comments that demonstrate the incredible transformation that Jesus works in us to set Eden in our hearts. So many times we are inclined to think that healing or freedom rests on what someone else is doing and instead of finding our freedom in him we desperately try to fix or control others or even circumstances around us. Even when others are attempting to manipulate us for their own profit, his life in us is greater than anything this world can throw at us.

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  1. Wayne it’s been a long time since we connected but as always listening to your podcast has been so uplifting and challenging yet again. We wanted to write to you when we listened to your podcast with Sarah a few weeks ago sharing the journey you have both been on recently. As we sat and listened I wept as your story resonated so much with our own. You may not remember when I wrote to you a few years ago about our marriage and the verbal abuse I had endured for over 40 years, we then met you in Ireland at David Rice’s about 2 years ago, well since then The Lord has been working in changing both our hearts. The brokenness He has led us through as He is revealing those area’s where hurt & pain has lived for so long has been so worth it as through it all we can truly say for the first time in 43 years we are on the same page and have harmony in our lives.
    I want to Thankyou both for your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your story which has confirmed how The Lord is wanting to bring a reality into marriages that has been missing, the problem is it is so painful at many will not let God go there and don’t realise how much they are missing.
    At this moment we have been stripped of having a home of our own we are learning how our security lies in God alone. He is our true home. So we have come out to visit our daughter in Sydney, Australia for 3 months, and wondered if there are any brothers and sisters out here you can connect us with to possibly meet up with them.
    Would so appreciate that if you can.
    Every Blessing to you both
    Val Byrne

  2. Hello Wayne!! You could not have described better, in what you said above..where i was at. I totally thought my freedom could not be full, until things were right with my husband. See we started out in our relationship, with both of us being very close to God, our relationship revolved around our relationship with him. So when that started breaking in our marriage, I was crushed. I never wanted to settle for less then 100% of God. And when I could see he would, i automatically thought this should be pointed out…Things went from bad to worse, and all along, it seemed like i would be putting my head in the sand and butt in the air, if i didn’t point out what was so wrong. And the tricky part was…it WAS wrong. It took a while of me struggling and being in a lot of pain, to see that what I was doing wasn’t working, and I knew God loved me, so i begged him to show me a better way. And he did. Hearing my words read back to me, and the following conversation brought a lot of memories back to me. And makes it even clearer to me, how faithful my God was to answer my hearts cry. Even when I had things upside down in my head. One of the things that got me started in finding my joy, was he impressed that verse on my heart that says…you can have faith, hope..etc..but if you have not love it profits nothing. Well…about this time I was desperate for the profit…And just this morning, think i got a deeper understanding for what that means. I always thought it meant if we don’t love others, which of course is partly true. But i think now, that what he meant, is if his love does not dwell in us. In other words, we need to be loved by him first. Which sounds selfish, but he is just that great! That..is the starting point. And from there, he pours it out through us. Which is where the profit comes from!!! My Dad said to us once, that the only thing we need to worry about, is being Gods. That if our hearts are his, then from that, we will be the kind of wife, mother, sister,etc..we are supposed to be. I just didn’t know at the time, how much i could really rest there..Others made me struggle worse, by telling me i was asking for too much, that I was making a big deal out of nothing, and basically that I should settle. Which only made me want to fight harder. I thought there was only two options. Head in the sand…or to scream, people wake up!!!! I didn’t know there was a third option. And that was to let him love me, and rest, and trust that he would set the wrongs right, he would wake up what needed awakening, and that it was not my responsibility. That I was only responsible for my self, and then again..not even that!! He even sets me right!! That is his job too!! My only responsibility…is to let him. Oh he is so wonderful!!!!! I also got to thinking, as he is so good. He must have a way for me to be happy, even if my husband remained the way he was, and I couldn’t share my heart with him. That he dosn’t make you wait for your joy, until others are all straightened out…..The more I started to see what he had for me personally, the easier it was to forget all about him. And he set about doing everything i ever dreamed he might do, and so much more!! And everything that comes from me now, is just from what he gave first. Which there are few words to describe the joy he has given to me….and the funny thing is, my middle name is joy..hahahha Even this makes me weep, as it seems there is no end to his goodness. That he is LONGING to bring us rivers of life in our desert!! That we do nothing…of ourselves. So that he may do everything..through us!!!and he will!! As you have said once Wayne, you never heard someone say yet, that they regret going on this journey. And i somehow I don’t think you ever will!!! And to anyone out there going through anything similar to what I was…take great courage, as I didn’t do anything perfectly by a long shot!!! It is not finding a perfect way to follow him that makes it work, but accepting you are perfectly loved, and that if you just turn to him as a child, if you do make a mistake, which you will…he will use that very thing to make you fly!!!! It is worth it!! Soooo..worth it!!! And i just continue to be blown away, by what God is doing in others too, and I am so thankful that he is the same, yesterday, today, and forever!! He will always be this good!! Hugs to all my brothers and sisters out there, and thank you Wayne and Sara, for letting God have your hearts…He is showing others his love through them!;)

  3. Monica, thank you so much for your comment, it really hit home for me. My husband is a functioning alcoholic, and over the past 47 years I’ve done everything “I can do” to change him. About 4 yrs ago I finally gave up, so I started praying that God would make me into the kind of wife God wanted me to be. Since then I’ve seen some changes in my husband, not the drinking part, but he’s starting to talk to me about God. A few hours ago I wanted to go for a walk and asked if he wanted to go, he said no. Any other time I would have felt hurt, but this time I thought okay, I’ll just go fir a walk with God he’s always there for me. While I was on the walk I had a long talk with Papa, I asked him if there was something He wanted me to read to let me know. When I came in I checked my email and found the link to this podcast and your comment…LOL Papa is so good, he knew I needed this. Thanks Wayne and Monica

  4. Sue Ann, that is AWESOME!! He is SO faithful!! I think you have have MUCH joy before you!! It seems he enjoys so much, taking great care of us, and showing his deep and abiding love, and yearns so much for us just to trust in his heart toward us! if we love our children…how much more does he love us?! I am excited for you, as when I did what you are talking about, things started to unravel, and open up in all sorts of unexpected ways! Much love to you and your family!!!:)

  5. And yes Wayne: This Monica is my wonderful Wife! The one I get to Love like Jesus loves His bride and laid His life down for Her. Which I am now a part of. I never thought this possible ! But In Him all becomes possible!! I Don’t know how, One day on this journey it just was!
    Loved the podcast !!!! Once again you talk about The very things He is teaching us about a couple weeks ago just before I read “The shack” for the first time! Which I loved by the way! Father invited me into a place in the deepest part of my heart to walk and talk a while with Him a place of deep rest and beauty . I was so excited I called my wife and said I found the Garden of Eden and am walking and talking with God in it today. let’s get together and talk about it this evening with anyone who wants to come and we did! It was much like this podcast but in real life! Then The next day I started reading “The Shack” Guess what there was….. a Garden in it as well . Described to a Tee like the one in Me! Then when I saw The title of this podcast today I burst out laughing and showed it to My wife. Who burst out laughing ! How does Wayne know I have a garden ? Only Jesus knows the way into mine. He seems to be the door Non of my will is allowed to enter so there is no conflict there. It is in a place in my heart i used to fear most! And never dared to venture . What used to come from that place was sin pain and the ugly old Man Self himself. Why would God choose such a horrible place to start his Garden? Not sure But He did ! It is His way to pick the last place I would Look. Go figure. One last thing… I wrote this for my wife on her last birthday. Sorry I got so wordy !
    I wish I could find the words in a rhyme to tell you my friend what I feel deep inside . If words could explain I’d be writing all night , I’d try and try but never get it right, This Love is our God our maker you see and he saw it best to link you and me. This love can’t be made, it has always been , It lives deep inside in place of my Sin . It binds us with freedom and allows me to see How special you are to Him and to me! The more we see Him the closer we’ll be Till someday soon we’ll finally be free. We’ll wake up together from this wonderful dream , Then we’ll see clearly what Love truly means…

    Thanks again Wayne for another great podcast!

  6. You threw out the reunion with Brad idea. Don’t tease Wayne, been looking forward to that possibility happening for a long time…hope it works out!

  7. Oh so enjoyed reading all the messages. I too have been going through the same thing of trying to change my husband as I too thought I could only be happy if we walkjed together. Have now come to SEE it starts with ME alone. I have to let go and allow God to do His wonderful work of restoring all we have missed out in the 56 years we have been married. Thank u all for sharing!!

  8. Hi Wayne! Great podcast again!

    Got really excited at the thought of you and Brad doing a one-off. Great idea!

    I really think you need to push and manipulate him into this. I know you shouldn’t ‘should’ on yourself, but in this case should on Brad as much as you like!

    Haha! I know you won’t do any of that! Just expressing my joy at the thought of Brad’s input on some of the things that have come up lately, and some of the hilarity as well as serious wisdom which comes when you two get together.

    Sara may have to do some baking in order to lure him over, then just switch the mic on!

    Seriously, I wonder if some of those who have recently joined the God Journey conversation realize what depths of wisdom (as well as lilarious banter) are sitting there in your archives.

    I was introduced to thegodjourney by a friend who put all the archives on CD for me. So I’ve listened to them all. Some of them many times.

    In the early days, when I didn’t know what to make of it all, I laughed and cried through many of those early episodes.

    I have come to love you all very much. I’m possibly the only one who’s still believeing for Chipper the cat to turn up again! sad isn’t it!

  9. Hi Robin. I chuckled as I read your post. I too have been listening to some of the archived material. Father has actually “nudged” me to some particular podcasts/conversations that have addressed present questions or struggles. Learning to live with Him and to grow in the intimacy of such a relationship is timeless isn’t it? (smile) Blessings.

  10. Monica and Harvey that’s so encouraging. Louise, I too spent many years trying to change my husband but not as long as you. Its seems to be such a waste of those years we could have enjoyed. Unfortunately my daughter hates him because of the way he treated us. She is not prepared to take the risk that he might hurt her again.
    He helps me get my eyes off myself and on to Jesus so I just have to remember that when life seems difficult.

  11. Good morning fellow travelers!
    Eve- Loraine I am glad you are encouraged! I Have been praying For the last couple weeks that Father would bring Judgment on me. To set Right what is still twisted in me !!!! Knowing How loving He is I no longer fear this but have been waiting. His work has begun !!! It still took me by surprise ! As I was Talking with Him Letting Go And letting Him untwist a painful childhood Experience I had fully excepted as something I deserved And therefore did not merit as needing healing. I said to Him in heart wrenching sobs I never expected you would rule in My favor! His reply Was “Why wouldn’t I? You have always been in My Favor! ”

    And so are you Eve-Loraine , And and all you other fellow travelers ! In the middle of His judgment is the safest place to be! Don’t Fear it ! It does bring a breaking But true healing comes with it! Please continue with me My awesome Father!

  12. Compulsion is engaging in any recurring activity to manage our feelings, an activity that eventually ends up managing us.”

    I don’t know who to give credit for that ditty but all of these activities strike me as counterfeits that we develop or build because we don’t know how to be “with” Abba. It’s an especially good fit for definition of religion and religious activities. I think understanding that we create our compulsions to take care of ourselves is essential in transforming our relationship to them. Dorito’s, diet coke, alcoholics, wives, husbands, children… Listening and reading all of these myriad of ways that freedom is unfolding is so good for my soul. Thank you all.

    I think learning to live in the trust that He builds is the never ending story here in the school of Love.

  13. Paul, you really made me laugh out loud,;) And I must admit…gave me the warm fuzzies…But I think I understand what you mean, cause thats how I feel about all of you lovely humans here, that are letting your hearts be known!! It gives me such great joy knowing we are on a journey together, even tho we have never met…and I just cant wait to see what God does next!! …

  14. Harvey and Monica, I appreciate how freely you two have let us looking in your story of transformation. What a blessing to so many others! Thanks. And Val, I have been to Sydney a couple of times, but don’t have any ongoing contacts there so that I know where they’ve landed on their journeys. I’m also remiss to share people’s contact information without their express permission to do so, so here’s how I handle requests like yours. If you’d like to write a paragraph or two about yourself and your desire to connect with other people in your area who are on a similar journey, I would be happy to forward that along to those I met and I let them make the decision whether to make the connection or not. Almost always they do, but I don’t put any pressure on them to do so. Connections are a work of the Spirit and I’m happy to help facilitate that where I can, but I want to treat graciously the people who have entrusted me with their contact information, because they can be easily overwhelmed. I hope that makes sense.

  15. Wow Wayne! I’ve never commented before though I’ve been listening for years but just have to on this one.
    I was raised in a legalistic, hyperfaith home where only positive declarations were made. Anything less than showed a lack of faith. Such condemnation and guilt this thinking brought, when in my mid-twenties our first child was born with developmental delays and a year later, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
    From that place 30 plus years ago my journey with Christ has taught me that everything I think I know outside of Him could be faulty. It’s so liberating to be in this place.
    I actually just wrote about this last week so this podcast has confirmed my freedom to be uncertain. Thanks for that! So amazing 🙂
    You can read it here if you choose: http://aplacecalledspecial.com/2014/03/31/why-my-spiritual-mathematical-formulas-are-faulty/

  16. Was Scott Weiland on the journey in 1992? This song really fires me up, to me it seems like its a love letter from God describing his passion to find us. Sorry Wayne, i know you find most music cumbersome!

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