The GJ After-show on the Pandemic

Last Sunday The God Journey hosted its first ever After-Show on Zoom for those that wanted to talk about the recent episode, The Pandemic and Psalm 91. About twenty people joined in from across the world—including Europe, the U.S. and New Zealand. Our hope was to offer some open-ended conversation and see where it led us. This was an experiment. We're likely to do more in the future, either after an episode we think people would like to discuss more fully. Of course, we could do that with just about every show. We may also to it at times just to see what people are thinking about. We'll always put out notification through the blog and through The God Journey Facebook page. You can subscribe to the one on the front page of, and the other on Facebook if you want to get in on our next conversation. And if you have ideas for a topic for a lot of us to discuss together, you can comment below or write me.