Silvio’s Journey

One of our favorite things to do is to share the stories of other believers on this incredible journey of learning to live loved by the Father. Silvio Viotti, whom Wayne met two years ago in Switzerland recently visited California on a trip with his wife Dominque. Wayne introduces Silvio to Brad as the three discuss the journey of seeing through the illusions of religion and coming to embrace the power and the life of Jesus. Silvio shares his journey of discovery coming from a very conservative denomination and the rejection he faced from his own family. He also shares how God has led him to view the church and the world so differently that he lives freely without regret.


  1. Your conversation epitomizes the difference between the traditional English translation named and recognized as the Great Commission and what is closer to an original transliteration.

    The traditional English has it as “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” More like the event planning you discussed…

    Whereas the more literal Greek being something akin to “As you are going (living life)… or Or Having gone (Greek aorist participle)….

    This is the major difference between an artificial religious event and organic life living.

    Great discussion!

  2. Hey guys loved the podcast. Didn’t you realize that Silvio looks like Joe Flaherty of SCTV fame. You guys are too funny. Sounds like you finally met someone who could match your wit Wayne. Love you guys.


  3. Wayne closed the pod cast with “There’s no love in controlling someone to your desired outcome.” He was referring to life in the church, but I think that was a nice book end to the opening discussion about marriage. I appreciate what Wayne shared about Sara’s transition halfway through their marriage.

    My experience was that I married a man who was “committed” to God, which to me meant he was committed to our church. Six years ago now he was the one who jumped off the cliff, (ie left the church) taking me with him. This is not the man I married! Thank God we stuck it out. (I was not happy with our church at the time, but I was still in the place of thinking we should try to fix it.)

    Anyway, it was a major revelation to suddenly be married to somebody I didn’t know. But the reality is we are both constantly changing. In my attempts to control him to remain the man I thought I wanted, we were so miserable! Accepting the real him was a little frightening, but it is also an ongoing and wonderful adventure. (For his side of the story, he thought he married a woman who loved to serve, clean house, cook, etc etc. Ha!)

  4. @Cal, thanks for that one. Is this the literal translation of the greek. Because thats what I always tell people when they come up with that scripture. I tell them that I think it means that they where allowed to share their believe with non jews (since the jews had certain rules to not share things with non jews) and the gospel was now open to everyone and that it was more meant that they do share and bring people to god in just living…

    And to say, Silvio is great. I just met him once so far, but he really keeps up with Wayne and Brad :-).


  5. Thanks for a great reminder @cal… I knew this, but another reminder our walk with Christ a relationship… not event oriented.

  6. Hi, I just wanted to say that during all these years when I was trying (not being conscious of it all the time) to belong, to fit to the system, going from box to box and so on… I forgot that I belonged to a wonderful Father that loved me, accepted me, and that my entire life derived from this relationship.
    I sometimes forgot about his unconditional love that completely changed my life when I first discovered it. As my husband says, I have no regret, no bitterness. Sometimes I feel sadness about broken relationships and incomprehension but what is it compare to the freedom of being loved and love in return!? In your books Wayne, you sometimes describe the harsh reality of the church’s functioning but you alwaysgo back to our relationship with God and put it in the
    centre. This is one of the things I really appreciated when reading them. Thank you!
    Brad, it was nice to meet you. Your passion is infectious.

  7. For those who didn’t make the connection, Dominque is Silvio’s husband! Thanks for writing, Dominque. I appreciate your words and it was so good to have you and Silvio stay with us, even if our house was a bit of a zoo with grandkids, extra dogs, and a crazy schedule! Much love to you fols!

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