Transforming Love #10: Follow

Love alone does not transform us. It opens the door to transformation by inviting us into a friendship with God marked by love, rest, and play. In that relationship, we'll discover how he guides us in a state of growing trust. That will lead us to follow him, and it's in the following that our lives are transformed. We aren't called to follow a book, a tradition, or religious leaders; we are called to follow Jesus. Today, Kyle and Wayne continue the Transforming Love series by showing how God's continuing revelation mixes with our pondering to help us navigate our lies in the organic, unfolding adventure of following him.
Podcast Notes:


  1. Hi Kyle,
    Send Jess to Israel with Wayne and Sarah, you can look after your girls in America………Hey! problem solved.?????

  2. Wayne,

    Thanks for the comment that God is in the weeds and there is a way back in your diagram. I’ve been using the seeds parable that some of the grain fell into the weeds to describe my journey. I keep falling back into the weeds and need Jesus to come find me and pull me out. The parable seems to be taught as where ever they fell that’s where they stayed. There is hope in the weeds.

    • You’re welcome, Sally. This is what I love most about God. No matter how far away we wander, no matter how distracted we get by something false, no matter how many years we wasted in our own efforts, he is always there! He is always waiting for a heart that turns even in the slightest way toward him. It’s what love does. It always hopes, always perseveres, and continually invites us into the life that is truly life. I’m sorry you’ve spent so much time in the weeds. We all do it, of course, but it is so painful there especially when you heart hungers for something freer.

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