Rainbows And Mountain Lions

Brad and Wayne work through some of the email and blog postings from their recent podcasts on how God transforms us, especially in times of need and extremity. Too many people live with the assumption that if they are walking in God's love that their circumstances will always be good and that God will make the pathway easy. But that's not how he works. Our world is filled with pain and loss, and by embracing God in those times, rather than feeling separated from him, he can do wonderful things in us to shape our perspective and our lives.

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  1. 2 Tim 1:8 says, “but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.” We are exhorted in around 20% of the NT that “stuff happens,” and we are to give thanks and to look to God in all of our lives. I believe it is only due to the strange fact that we have seen so much prosperity in our lives in the last 60-70 years that we hold such an carnal idea. My life has been a whirlwind since I came to Christ about 25 years ago, and every notion I have held has been challenged. I live in daily pain and weakness of the kind that debilitates. I can not work nor due much of what is “normal,” but God is SO MUCH nearer to me and has revealed Himself in ways that can only be described as Biblical. He really is the friend of the downtrodden and weak – He understands. He looks to the poor and crushed and those who tremble at His word. His love is awesome and real if we just look into His face and are openly honest in our hearts. I am amazed still at the garbage that comes out of my desperately wicked heart as He does His work of transformation. To Jesus Christ the only wise God be ALL glory in heaven and in earth for He alone is worthy.

  2. Wayne, if you haven’t seen this by Steve Saint you should -especially the last minute of the presentation -fits with your conversation today.

  3. Dear Rory, How good it is to encounter a brother in Christ who allows God to have His way in his life. Your story delights me. How much more must it delight Him. Thanks for living for Him and for sharing your heart with us.

    Bob C

  4. Dear Wayne
    Thanks for sharing. The further I travel on this journey the more real some principals become to me. Living this fear of uncertainty in this life (brought upon us by the ‘mountain lion notices’ the world puts up all around us) makes me realize, more and more, that fear is what keeps us from trusting Father in this life. It ties up with previous discussions you guys had that our perception of Father as a stick wielding punitive God prevents us from having a Father son relationship. It also emphasizes the absolute contrasting difference between the Covenant of law-and-fear and the Covenant of Love-and-Grace. We tend to still clutch to the law requiring Covenant which was based on fear. To be released is a process which takes time, only because God is patient with us. Trusting God in the midst of no income, home or apparent future feels daunting. And yet in my 46 years of existence He has always provided abundantly. I wish to thank you both for your podcast, they inspire and encourage me hugely. Peace to you all.

  5. This podcast spoke to me quite a bit. I think sometimes I tune out the advice about performance because its not that I feel like God doesn’t love me if things aren’t going well, not anymore anyway. I’ve just been looking at it like the circumstances in your life of a natural indicator of your relationship. For example, if I’m in tune with God and listening to what he wants for me my circumstances will be pleasant. If I lose site of Him, my circumstances will be unpleasant. Seems good in theory, but it leads you right back into the performance thing. You aren’t performing to be loved, but just to get back on track. It was a bit of a “duh” moment when you said that your life may be messed up either way! Having a relationship with God doesn’t mean your life will always go well.

    This does leave me with questions though. Fairly often I’ll go awhile without hearing God’s voice. I feel like our relationship is limited. I feel like I need some reassurance that this relationship isn’t just something I made up in my head. You know, something concrete. I guess that’s why I started to pay attention to my circumstances so closely. Still not sure how to deal with that feeling.

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