The Doors Discomfort Opens (#774)

Whether it's a new puppy or a turning point in our journey, most of life's greatest joys lie beyond our discomfort. Yet, when push comes to shove we will choose the path of least resistance thinking our comfort is more important than growth. Kyle joins Wayne again as the doors that pain and disappointment open to us. When we can't have what we thought we wanted, God is always opening new doors to invite us into a more fruitful journey. In that vein, they talk about navigating conversations that matter when they get difficult, leaning into those moments of emotion when our heart is finding freedom, and getting through the painful bits in our lives to the greater joy God has beyond them.

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  1. Oh my….you read my post!!! The response to Kyle’s prayer. My jaw just dropped….like thud!

    • I hope you didn’t mind. You posted it on the blog, so thought it was fair game.

      • I felt honored!! ??? It is showing me God’s affection for me. I feel that it made a difference FOR someone else. You know, the ashes became beauty for someone, and no doubt Kyle was blessed to hear it. ???

    • Oh I love what you said, Wayne, that “….when we are choked up with emotion, usually God has His fingerprint on something…..” at about the 18:55 spot. I have asked Him so many times, “WHY am I crying??!! I can’t quit crying!!” And now I understand. ???? He is working deeply IN ME!! And just now I am crying again. Oh my, I feel like I am on a taffy machine, being stretched to the limit, getting rid of all the bubbled pockets of spiritual toxicity.

  2. Lindy your post was beautiful, vulnerable and so encouraging!!! Honestly it has been a strange line to walk knowing how to respond to your post and some of the others that have shared how my conversation with Wayne impacted them. All I can say is that it is a breathtaking thing that God does in the community of his beloved. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your heart with us!

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