Not Fending For Yourself

More letters and an experience Brad's family had over Thanksgiving puts the spotlight on how religion makes us fend for ourselves and grace invites us to live inside of him. Living in that place of freedom, however, can mean different things to different people. Grace is not an excuse to live in bondage and call it freedom, but it is an invitation into transformation. Too many people grow easily discouraged in that space between learning to let go of our religious efforts and finding the freedom to live in love and trust.


  1. Great “Pod Journey God Cast”. I really enjoyed the letter describing the intro to the Husband. The “Box” and Religionists are good at showing people His letters and gifts, but not Him. Relationship is difficult at best and we complicate it.

    Concerning grace, I heard someone say that God’s grace is God’s ability to live life. Living the life so many try to live on their own is something only he can do. ‘Life more abundantly…” is relationship with Papa.

    I will admit that detoxing from a performance mindset that most are indoctrinated in is a long and slow process. But it’s sooooo worth it. He puts the color back in life. Principles can only produce life in black and white, kind of like “Smallville”.

    Enough for now.


  2. I loved what you wrote about Jesus being the Word… that totally changes the way you look at the Bible and understand it.
    I hope you guys do some upcoming podcasts and delve a little deeper into that topic.

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