Settled in His Spirit (#796)

Wayne's back from a visit to the Sierras to spend Easter with his Father with a fresh stirring in his heart, so he drags Kyle into it with him. It seems the wind of the Spirit has shifted a bit, and if what Wayne heard is accurate, it may be time for the children of God to be revealed in a new way. No, this is not a movement or a new project, but simply a recognition of what God has set himself to do. We will best be free to flow along with him when we are at rest and at play in his love than giving in to all the angst and anguish that comes from trying to bring down a revival. In the coming days, God will draw a clear distinction between the religious heart that disfigures God and the loved heart that can reveal who he is.

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  1. Jesus loves us so much and has a holy jealousy for us but he is not going to command us to forsake our distractions.

    Instead he will let us live with our other loves until they tire us out and we discover that they are not our friends.

    Then we will come and sit down next to him and find our rest with him.

  2. This poem speaks to me of what God is doing in the earth and inviting us to become partakers of. This in my mind, is the kind of love that has the potential to change the world:

    O Lord
    Remember not only the men and women
    Of good will, but also those of ill will.
    But do not remember all the suffering they inflicted on us;
    Remember the fruits we have bought, thanks to
    This suffering — our comradeship,
    Our loyalty, our humility, our courage,
    Our generosity, the greatness of heart
    Which has grown out of all this, and when
    They come to judgment let all the fruits
    Which we have borne be their forgiveness.
    — poem left by the body of a dead child at the Ravensbruck death camp, 1945

  3. Wow Stephan……thanks for sharing. Corrie and Betsie ten Boom were both interrerd at Ravensbruck and described learning to follow Jesus in loving their enemies. Sue

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