Sex in the Dark (#919)

"My Christian upbringing left me ill-prepared for sexual intimacy in marriage by filling it with shame and creating unrealistic expectations." Kyle was a panelist for his university's "Sex in the Dark," a confidential opportunity for students to ask questions about sex. With that lament, Kyle invites Wayne into the conversation and whether or not he had the same experience. At a time when the world despises monogamy as a complicating factor in sexual expression, they celebrate what learning love, respect, and care for another human being over a lifetime can do to enhance joy and intimacy inside marriage. They talk about the damage false expectations generated by Christian teaching and Hollywood productions can do to a mutually satisfying sexual engagement filled with tenderness and romance.

Podcast Notes:

  • Sorry, there was no video recording made of this podcast.


  1. I may have heard this from you but if not did you know that in the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill series there was an episode called “I Kissed Christianity Goodbye”? It was about Josh Harris and his acknowledgement of leading folks astray into areas that really hurt them. In an odd way it was rather refreshing to hear.

    • Yes we are aware of Josh’s story and his subsequent departure from the faith. It is refreshing when light overtakes the darkness, but so sad for all the people that got damaged by those who think law can win over lust.

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