No Longer a TACL*

*No, that's no misprint above, but you'll have to listen to the podcast to understand the title. When we are convinced that we have to earn God's favor through our own self-efforts, we will not only distance ourselves from God at our place of greatest need, but we'll also turn on others when they don't work as hard as we do. People's responses to the political and economic landscape of the United States provide a backdrop for Brad and Wayne's discussion about the choice between trying to fix ourselves or others through religious efforts, or learning to simply follow Jesus as his glory unfolds in the very situations in which we find ourselves.


  1. Brad, after listening to you say “It is what it is” I just had to tell you that Byron Katie has a wonderful book out called “Loving What Is ” and after reading the “Shack” I found this book to connect in understanding why we keep the mindset we do. I would recommend this book for those whose thoughts seem to forever keep going in circles (and not in a good way). things that are embedded within us can be exposed, dealt with, and we can move to higher ground..
    ps (I hope this is one time you read your mail).

  2. Brad and Wayne,

    I loved this show! This will help me greatly whenever the healing subject comes up. For a few years now I have felt like ‘it is what it is’ about my daughter. She has alpha thalassemia, it can be lethal, or be a lifetime of drugs and blood transfusions, but her type is not that way at all. My prayer was that God would heal her at the beginning, which in my mind at the time, I was trying to move God, when in reality He will move when He wants. When I changed my thinking to that, I have forgotten that my daughter even has this! It is not affecting her in any way at all! It is very freeing to just stand where we are and just ‘be’ in every moment without my mind racing about what I could be doing for every second for the kingdom. I still have those thoughts sometime, feeling like I’m a lazy Christian, but I just keep reminding myself to just let my light shine, wherever I go, and let His love flow through me.

    I just LOVED the TACL story! I put that quote, uncensored, on my MySpace headline.It will be interesting to see what responses I might get!

  3. I’m a Canadian listener of your pod cast and have to say they are awesome! I read the Shack this past summer and had a profound awakening to how much God loves me. I’ve been in the ‘church’ my whole life and knew in my head that yes God loves me and knows how many hairs are on my head (?), but never really fully understood the depths to which this applied. I spent so many years feeling like a failure to God. What a profound thought it was in the book that said God could not be disappointed! Wow! So great. But since I finished the book and time and the business of life with 4 kids I’ve slowly lost the ground I thought I had gained. I do really ‘get it’ that I don’t have to do anything to earn his love but finding the balance of resting in that love and also still not taking it for granted is the tricky part. Your TACL story was right where I had been in my life. The freedom to be real with out the guilt of disappointing the Father! Thank you so much for your thoughts and words. While listening to your pod casts I am forever saying YeAh! RigHt oN! It’s like the puzzle pieces all starting to click together! I am getting drenched in this freedom shower you spray out so generously! God bless you both!

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