Masterful Imposter (#881)

"In November, the world changed, and no one yet knows what the impact will be."  Kevin Tupper, an Artificial Intelligence Leader for the Federal Civilian Team at Microsoft and a friend of Wayne's, brought that news to him a couple of weeks ago. Wayne had no idea what he was talking about. November 2022 was the first time Artificial Intelligence was released into the wild for people to use and abuse at will. What is Artificial intelligence, and how might it change the world? What can it do now, and what will it be able to do in the future? With Kevin's help, Wayne and Kyle dive into the world of Artificial intelligence, its promise and its pitfalls, and offer some ways to navigate this new technology.

Podcast Notes:
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The next session of the Jake Colsen Book Club will be held Saturday, February 18, at 11:00 am PST.  You'll have to work that out in your own time zone. We will explore Chapter 9: A Box by Any Other Name as we talk about humanity’s relentless attempts to put the living, breathing bride of Jesus into a box we think we can manage for him. We will stream it live on my Facebook Author Page, but if you want to be part of the conversation, you can get a link to the Zoom Room by emailing Wayne and asking for it.




  1. I very much enjoyed you guys chatting about AI! I work in IT, so its been interesting to see that whole space develop.

    One thing Wayne said I found particularly helpful – not in terms of understanding AI but rather how to be a better human(!): The comment about the AI responses not being “personal” – by which you evidently meant, asking questions rather just answering with principles. Probably its been expanded multiplied times in the podcast over the years, but til now I had missed that. I am now keen to retrain my “organic intelligence” not to just answer questions straight away, but try and dig with questions. Although I always knew that was better, something about the way it was phrased in this podcast made it clearer to me, and I realised I was still advocating principles …

    Regarding AI I have been having quite a. bit of fun with that recently. I have many positive examples of how it can be used, but here’s just one: In my times alone with Jesus I like to reflect on bible verses by trying to rephrase them, trying different wording to help me grasp the weight of the verse. I asked AI to help do something similar for my Gen Z daughter, paraphrasing Psalm 34:3 in Gen Z terms:

    “ Yo, let’s give props to God and flex about His blessings together! Tell me all the lit ways the Lord has come through for you, and let’s hype up His awesomeness.”

    I dear brother here in the UK once put the bible into “youth speak” (the Street Bible). Labour of love for years. But now AI can do it in minutes. Probably good since youth are continually evolving their lingo!

  2. (Sorry for the typos: Wrote the above on a phone, where autocorrect likes to micro-manage everything I write, hyper controlling. Hope that readers can figure their way through the clumsy “multiple-chef” sentences there)

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