The God Journey After-Show #2

Last Sunday, Wayne hosted a few folks from around the world in his wife's garden to talk further about Friday's podcast, Why Won't God Love Me? Joined by Sean, his guest on that episode, this was the second God Journey After-Show and you're welcome to listen in. We had about thirty-five God Journey listeners from across the globe join us on Zoom to talk about our own discoveries of learning to recognize God as he makes himself known to us. The audio isn't always great, but you can follow along. As we do future After-Shows we'll put out notification a couple of days in advance through the blog and through The God Journey Facebook page. You can subscribe to the first on the front page of, and the other on Facebook if you want to get in on our next conversation.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. I was very intrigued by these conversations as I can relate, to some degree, with several of the issues discussed. I have been through years of counseling. One of my most helpful counselors introduced me to The God Journey, and I have received much encouragement listening to the podcasts. I have worked through pain, disappointment, wondering where God was in traumatic circumstances, as well as feelings of not being good enough among a slew of other things including my own brokenness and need for saving. Even though I’m still on this healing journey, I have never felt more loved by my Papa. More than that, I actually feel lavished by His affection. Don’t get me wrong, my life doesn’t look like rainbows and puppy dogs as I skip through the green pastures of life. It looks more like a person struggling to stay afloat in the middle of an ocean with sporadic moments of relief. Needless to say, I do have a deep rooted peace that I am loved. My husband, on the other-hand, struggles. Not only does he not feel loved by me, but most importantly, he doesn’t feel loved by God. I’ve grown enough to know that I can’t fill the God sized hole in his soul and don’t even feel the urge to try to like I’ve done in the past. Is there anything your wives have done/said that encouraged you during some of your worst moments in your journey?

    • I don’t know that there’s anything a wife can say that can make a difference here or than “Let’s get help here.” There are so many things that this can be tied to from someone’s past. If they can’t sense love from another person, they will have a harder time recognizing it from God. I hope your husband doesn’t just decide he’ll go through live with his love sensor down, when there are ways to fix it and move forward. You have my prayers on this.

  2. I was so blessed by all of you as you shared from your hearts.

    So much I could relate to.

    I felt like Peter, ‘Lord, it is good for us to be here, let’s camp out here. ” that’s my own paraphrase of course, LOL! Seriously though, knowing that I am not alone in this journey of making sense of my Life in Christ has it’s own element of healing that makes me feel hopeful.

    Near the end of the discussion, John referenced a book called “Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You”. I found it on Amazon and purchased the newest edition (Kindle version) which also includes a study guide for small group study.

    Wayne, I am wondering, if others are interested, if you would be interested in facilitating an online study for this book the way you did for your book a couple of years ago?

    • Hi Sharon. I actually know nothing about the book or the author, so I can’t be much help here. I am not feeling inclined at the moment for a book group on it, but you never know how Father might lead.

  3. I was encouraged by the listening as much as the talking because listening requires a vulnerability for me.

    At this moment I have been holding back some from having a conversation with God because a lot of my views are crumbling. That means I don’t know as much as I thought I did about who I am talking to.

    15 years ago I wanted to pause community church life. I didn’t though. I progressed into being an elder a couple years ago and ended up abdicating that a few years in.

    I always longed to share my hurts, questions and thoughts about God stuff. That requires discernment of who could I trust to have that conversation. Enter books, podcasts and a lot of internet.

    That source is about to run dry and I believe that to be from it not being done hand in hand with where I am not engaging with God.

    That is where I am. Thanks for the space to place this.


    • (From Wayne:) Hi Jared. Those sources work best when they help us discover how to have those kinds of talks with God himself. That’s the fulfillment of all of this, not that I find more to read and listen to from others, but that God and I go on a journey together that will be the greatest adventure you’ll ever know. You’ll not only find yourself growing in freedom, but also with opportunities to spread his love around to others. It’s a great journey.

  4. I also appreciate hearing the conversation first betwee Wayne and Sean amd then to hear the wider coversation with the others. As God continues to say “I’m not who you think I am”…like the experience of many others there’s a wonderfyl new way to see these things. The pain of this process is worth it to know Him (truth itself) blessing, Sue

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