Finding Freedom Outside the Box

Brad and Wayne follow up The Ladysmith Story with comments from our listeners as a springboard to talk about the often-painful process of finding freedom outside the box of organized religion. Sometimes people get to go together, as the brothers and sisters in South Africa. And sometimes we might go it alone, as Daniel from Texas found out when he could no longer in good conscience follow the rules of his traditional congreation. Wayne and Brad respond to his email and the challenges he's facing from friends and family as he sorts out what God has for him. His story will be famliar to many of you.

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  1. As I was listening tonight, I think I am beginning to understand what you guys have been going through. I came up with this saying about churches – Jesus said “I will build my church and then he sends us to go and make disciples” but instead we say “We will build our church and we want peole to join us and become members.” When you read that letter from Daniel, my heart was right with him. I can hear Paul saying, “Why are you dividing the church of Christ by saying that I am of Appollos, or I am of Peter or I am of Paul.” It is hard for me to imagine not being a member of a local body (it is hard enough to stop saying that I am going to church) but God is showing me that there is only one body and we need to stop trying to divide it up. Like Daniel, I think I am always looking for that place where Jesus is the focus and not some program. But what I hear you guys saying is that it will not truly be found this side of heaven because we always mess it up and just enjoy those God brings along the journey with us. I am praying that God will show me those to go on the journey with and I appreciate what yall (I grew up in Texas) are trying to accomplish with the different websites and webcasts. I came across you through a link on a house church site and have been blessed by your honesty and willingness to do and go wherever God leads. Keep it up.

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