As Long as It Takes (#898)

"How long, O Lord?" The plaintive cry of the Psalmist is one we've all asked in the seasons of difficulty and pain. How long do we wait on God's work in us or the circumstances we confront? How long do we stay with a meaningful relationship that has grown difficult or awkward? How long will he let evil rule the day? The answer may be unfulfilling, but it does give us direction—until his glory comes! The reason many do not find the freedom our hearts long for is that we grow weary in the process and pull away from what God is doing to untangle our hearts. Perseverance is not hanging in there to prove to God how serious we are; it's staying with him as he completes the work needed to make you whole.

Podcast Notes:


  1. The tangled illustration was brilliant. It is so true that becoming untangled is a very long patient process. A life time perhaps.

  2. I thought Kyle had an insightful thought when he mentioned how “as long as it takes” can impact those we hold most dear. I am curious if he has any additional thoughts on that.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Nancy. We do talk more about this on the upcoming podcast. If you have some specific questions after that, please send them to us, and we can try to tackle them.

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