The Unshakable Kingdom

Economic disaster looms in every newscast and government officials fall all over themselves to hide the corruption behind it and their complicity in it all in an attempt to restore the image of an economic system based more on people's perception than reality. Sound familiar? Amateur economists Brad and Wayne begin there but end up in a broader discussion of where our security actually lies in these crisis-filled days. The writer of Hebrews warned of a day when everything that can be shaken, would be shaken, so that which is real, enduring, and true might seen for what they are. Those in Christ are part of that unshakable kingdom and living in that reality can set our hearts at rest even when all else is in crisis.


  1. Thank you all for this podcast! It is just further confirmation of God working out the worrying, fretting, stressing, and complaining that I was constantly doing in my life this year. I have been out of the military for almost two years, and we are just living on my husband’s paycheck. The tighter things got, the more worrying and fretting I did. It was like clockwork every month when it was time to pay rent and bills. A few months ago, I began getting calls from creditors for my credit card debt, which happened from chasing ‘work at home and make six figures’, and have ‘financial securtiy’ network marketing opportunities. I also have student loans that are late too. I went off on one of the collectors over the phone! I was getting out of control in how I was dealing with everything. I felt like God should fix it now,now,now! Since then I have tried to stop worrying about things, but it would rear it’s ugly head whenever I would get a late bill in the mail, or I would get rejected on a job application. He really knocked me upside the head last week after reading the Shack, and also the blog of William Young. I think one entry was called ‘The Tyrrany of Financial Security’ I mean, WOW! When I read that, and read the stories of other readers, it’s like the dark cloud lifted. I am so at rest right now, and secure in the Father’s love. I think God is teaching us to be content with what we have, in whatever situation we end up in. We are hoping to rent a house, but if we don’t get to, hey, it’s not the end of the world. I get calls every day and all day from collectors, but they all say the same thing, and they all ask for payment today. I can’t do it today, but God will work it out when He’s gonna work it out. I have a job interview on the 14th of this month. If God says yes or, no, I am still resting in Him and He will work it out. I can’t help but use the Matrix as an example for what my journey has been like this past year, but that’s what it feels like. I am glad that I see it and that I am no longer a part of it.

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