The Journey into Love (#785)

As promised, Kyle and Wayne revisit the two podcasts they aired at the end of last year with Stephan Vosloo of South Africa about what God has taught him about living in the depths of Father's love. Through listener email and their own discoveries, they discuss the process of breaking free from the pain of self-centered living and becoming others-focused, learning how loving ourselves in the midst of our brokeness will not only bring transformation but help us love others in theirs, and how easily our quest for recognition or validation can mask itself as a fake passion for his kingdom. Finally, they talk about the brightness and color of the gateway into the things we desire versus the small path that will take us down the path of exploring what it is to be one with love.

Podcast Notes:
Previous podcasts referred to in this one:  Becoming One with Love and Free from the Prison of Self
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  1. I love what you said here…”You always hold that person’s heart you are talking to in your hands.” That is inspiring to me.

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