Free from Fear

Fear dominates the human landscape and is used by many power brokers—politically, economically and religiously—to manipulate people to do what they wouldn't otherwise freely choose to do. According to a recent Newsweek article brain science now shows that our response to fear in any capacity will always trump reason and rationality. Brad and Wayne respond to this article in the context of how religion has preyed up on the fears of their followers to conform them to the needs of the institution. No wonder Jesus came to set us free from fear and does that by inviting us into a relationship with a Father who loves us more than anyone on this planet ever has or ever will.


  1. So the gist of this podcast is: our fears are healed, or drop off, one by one, in the context of a relationship with Father, as you come to learn that He loves you and you can trust Him. What I don’t understand is why it takes someone like Brad & Wayne to to tell us this. If it’s true, why doesn’t He tell us Himself? God seams pretty impotent if He can’t break through religion and reach people who are actually looking for Him. This is something people need to experience, otherwise it is just so much more knowledge like everything else they’ve gotten from religion.

  2. Dear Brad and Wayne

    Thank you for this podcast. It is fun to listen to you both and this one has helped me to see some things about, why it is so easy to get myself into religion. Yes it is this feeling, not to be ok and the thinking that I would have to fix it. This “you always have to work on yourself”. That started when I was a child till I moved out from my parents and went on in church-club…but not only. It is all over. In the job…life-long-learning, always keep up with stuff, so you dont get lost. Training of the soft skills. You can go through so many programs “to get a better you”. In the church-club and in the economy. Lots of books to read. The fear to miss out if you dont go on with it.

    So thanks.


  3. I teach the adult class in a united Methodist church. I am a Gideon and give kjv Bibles to 5th graders as well I visit prisons to witness to men who can go no lower in society. The fifth graders are so happy to have their first book-especially a Bible! The prisoners are elated to get rolling papers. Passing out these Bibles are the new testament with Psalms and Proverbs. These chapters don’t have all the fearful writings but does give you enough to be fearful that if the don’t go through the plan of salvation God has a very selective group that sort of live in fear as they are not good enough, A period of peaks and valleys about eternal life. It is so had to understand that God loves you so much that it will change or transform. We do not have to do anything but go through the process of maturity walking in the surrounding ourselves in love that is eternal and never changing. To look at the cross this is more than sterile lancing of a boil with zylocaine. When one is beaten by professional Romans and nailed to the tree this is far from comfort. Participation in the love of Jesus when you have done and do terrible junk.
    7 transitory pictures of sin is scary fear that cannot hold a candle to the overwhelming love(that is participatory) of Jesus. How can all the above be explained to a group of 50 years and older staunch Calvinist? Can we just say Jesus is love and all the anointing with oil, laying of hands, baptism, speaking in tongues, elders, etc are really not necessary. Are we not scared we might miss the salvation ship waiting at the train station?

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