Parenting in Grace (#685)

What does it mean to parent in grace? Wayne's daughter, Julie Williams, is back to continue their exploration of parenting springing off the book, Parenting by Paul David Trip. They are in chapter 2 about grace and the importance of living in it for ourselves, and from that extending it to our children. Raising children to know Jesus is more than impressing the rules upon them but demonstrating to them the grace that makes it safe for us to engage God even as he is transforming us. They talk about the growth curve with parenting and giving yourself the freedom to make mistakes and learn without living in regret.

Podcast Notes:
Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles that Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp
Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk

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  1. Am enjoying the podcasts with Julie and agree that there is learning from these discussions when you are working out things with adults rather than children. The podcast part way through seemed to lose Julie…. Waynes voice was clear but for some reason, Julies voice was lost. Not sure if that can be fixed.

  2. (From Wayne:) Sue, can you or anyone else give me a time count where this happened and I’ll see what I can do. I just scanned it through and couldn’t find any places here her voice dropped out. It may have been an earbud or speaker wire issue. I haven’t heard this from anyone else, so am not sure where/how to fix it.

  3. Thank you Wayne, it was approximately at the 30 minute mark and if nobody else has had the issue…maybe was my device (tablet) that I was listening on. Thanks for checking anyway.

  4. Thanks for the podcast it’s always a blessing to hear from you both on parenting:)!
    The vision that Jeff shared helped me greatly! I’ve been applying that when my daughter comes to me in “mud” of sneaking treats, sneaking iPad, or whatever the case and comes to me and owns up to it:)! Instead of looking at her with “oh my gosh not again” I hug her with open arms, let her know I love her and am FOR her, forgive her and thank her for telling me the truth. Then give natural consequence of not having treat the next day because her tummy had too many today and I want her to be healthy, or not using iPad time the next day as her eyes need to stay healthy and already on it too much due to sneaking it, and paying for the stolen snacks:)…
    I also shared with my girls how hard it is as a parent to give natural consequences because I SO desire them to enjoy the treats and privileges…that is Gods heart too…He doesn’t want to withhold good things from us and I believe extravagantly blesses us that is His heart…but our sin can get in the way of that it’s GOD who wants to lavish blessings but it’s the devils tempting that makes it think it’s better to sneak it…

  5. I’m re-reading the book, “Discipline that connects with your child’s heart” by Jim and Lynn Jackson out of MN. I think Julie would love it and I will order and send one to her if she would like:).
    One quote from the section I just read, “Expressing love and kindness during misbehavior it failure is the only way to truly convince our children that they are loved unconditionally.” The section is titled “My child, you are loved…no matter what”
    Just as Julie says to her kids often.

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