Taking the Risk to Live In Father’s Care

Kevin Smith, a long-time friend of Wayne's and a dear brother on this journey, joins Wayne and Brad to share some of the lessons he has learned on his journey beyond organized religion. A former Baptist minister, Kevin was part of a congregation that were led together to find God's reality outside of the system of religious obligation. You'll see in Kevin's life that trusting Jesus is not a passive fatalism, but an active way to live every day. Our friendship with him grows, as does our trust, as we take the risk of stepping out to do whatever what we think he asks of us. Kevin and his wife Val are on a round-the-world trip that included 5 days in Southern Cal. You can email him here.


  1. Thank-you for the podcast, Kevin. I found it quite pleasant and refreshing. So much rings true. I find myself being curious about “your around the world” tour. Are you keeping any kind of blog? Are you making the details of these travels available in some form? I would enjoy hearing about your interactions with folks around the world.

  2. Just listened to this one again, and my goodness i loved it!! The whole thing with walking with Jesus on a day to day basis, knowing him and not just the “christian way of life”.. BRILLIANT!!!!!

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