When Fear Steers Our Course (#789)

When you live out of fear you miss so much of what God is doing around you. Fear motivates us to find a narrative that provides comfort, even if it's a false comfort. That's a danger for all of us in a world where the media and political voices manipulate our responses by keeping us in a constant state of fear. Wayne and Kyle begin with a recap of last Sunday's God Journey After-show on racial equity before turning to a conversation about finding our way out of the fear that is in the world and into the hope that Father's affection provides. When we live there, we are better able to see what God is doing on the center stage of human history rather than be distracted by the bluster and deception of our human systems.

Podcast Notes:
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God Journey After-show on Racial Conversations.
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  1. Thanks so much for spending some podcast time focused on this. Throughout my life I have found myself drifting in and out of living in fear or the Father’s security. Dallas Willard’s book Life Without Lack was really helpful in opening my eyes to what a life would look like in detail. I long to be able to live like this more often.

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