The Contradictions of Religion

Brad and Wayne take a look the recent deaths of Terry Shiavo and Pope John Paul II and the reactions to them that have dominated our headlines and news shows for the past two weeks. What are we to make of these historic moments? Feel free to use the blog comment section here, our voice mail comment line at (805) 988-4409 or email to give us your reactions questions or insights if you want to add to the dialogue.

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  1. I received the following email about our bit on the Shiavo episode from a brother named Jeff:

    “I listened to God Journey #3 and find the conversation interesting. It is fun to listen to two guys just chew the fat about whatever is going on in their lives or in society. Too often, what we hear has been filtered down through so many people that we don’t know if that is what they really believed or what they want you hear. The Schiavo case is especially close to my heart because my wife and I do foster care for special needs kids. We had an 18 month old whose body was racked by the results of being HIV positive and she had a feeding tube because she was unable to take foods in at the same rate that we do. She would just vomit it back up. She was kept alive though by the 18 or so drugs that my wife would give her 3 – 5 times a day. She was with us for 3 months before she went to be with Jesus. But during that time, we have pictures of her where she smiled for the first time. People ask us how we can take in children that are terminal and we ask them “Why you would want a child to die in the hospital?” We just love them with the love God has given us. When she went into the hospital for the final time, my wife and I were on our way back from being at my parent’s 50th anniversary. !0 days later she died. As I held her now lifeless body, I cried and cried but within a few minutes we met the grandmother and great grandmother who had never seen her and share our memories of their granddaughter. We went to the funeral not knowing what to expect since the child had been taken from the mother but it was a time of rejoicing knowing that she was in the arms of Jesus and not suffering here anymore.

    ” We also have a 6 year old that was on a feeding tube when he was in the hospital. So you can imagine my vested interest in this case. It was sad when Terri Schiavo died and I pray that this is not a slippery slope that our country is on following Europe where quality of life is determined by the government. I do agree with you that the protesters that wore such t-shirts condemning the other side were not expressing the love of Jesus. It was a difficult situation made worse by the media. She has now met her final reward whatever that may be but her legacy will hopefully live on with legislature that deals properly with quality of life issues and that we don’t follow the path of Europe.”

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