The Grace-Full Life

The mailbag is full as Wayne and Brad come back from Easter. And what letters they are, too, as people share from their own journeys the surprising changes they are recognizing in themselves as a result of living loved and loving others. Finding freedom from changing others allows us to love them where they are and hopefully open a door to God's life for them. Not needing to validate our own views, we can focus on the relationship instead of how we're being perceived. And, then, the re-visit last week's discussion on the cross through more listener email.

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  1. Something not especially related to this podcast edition but nevertheless a nice example for the “rules vs. relationship” subject that is like a red thread in at least those podcasts I have listened to:

    Last week I have watched the movie “Night at the Museum” (from 2006 with Ben Stiller). The plot is that because of an acient curse the exhibits in a museum come to life every night and the night guard has to handle this situation. There are three old guards who have done this job for many years and who are now replaced by Larry (Ben Stiller).

    The old guards have developed many rules that helped them to rule the museum every night. Larry lost the rule book on his first night and was overwhelmed by rebellious museum exhibits and the chaos and havoc they cause. After fruitless attempts to remember the rules and act accordingly Larry started to build relationship with the exhibits and in doing so he not only turned the chaos into a jolly party but also was able to prevent a museum theft with the help of his new friends.

    Best regards

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