Intimacy Tangibles

You asked for it! A lof of people responded to our previous podcast on "How Real Is Intimacy?" Many found it incredibly helpful while others found it too vague to help them sort out their own journey. The latter asked Brad and Wayne if they could give more tangibles from their own experience and still avoid the programmed steps or formulas that just don't work in relationships. Here is their answer, and a request for others to share their experiences either as comments on the blog, or in the The God Journey Forum.


  1. Wayne/Brad,

    Right on!! What you describe is very consistent with my experience. And we are all at different points on the journey to intimacy with God, so the pressure is off of those who aren’t “there” yet. I’m not a practitioner of verbalization yet, though I do see how that would add a new, useful dimension. As U2 sings…. Walk On!!!

    Thanks for sharing the journey.


  2. thanks Wayne and Brad

    nealy new, been listening and reading your books for about three months now, wow! thanks so much for your sharing. My wife and I both are becoming new again in this journey of 30 + years in the box

    thanks for your insights
    northern ca

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