In the Land of Kenya

Wayne is back home from Kenya after his two and a half week trip there with Kent Burgess. Wayne fills Brad in on the trip and also plays a couple of interviews he recorded at the end of their time in Kenya, one with two of their hosts looking back on our time there, and one with Kent as they got ready to leave and come back. They talk about the distortion of Christianity in Kenya, the desperate need in the wake of the 2008 tribal violence, and the power of God's love and forgiveness to heal broken lives and a broken country. If you would like to see pictures from Kenya and read additional commentary, please check out Wayne's blogs from Kenya at the Lifestream site: Day 4 in Kenya, Day 6 in Kenya, Day 8: A Great Outpouring of Love, Final Days in the Land of Kenya.

If would like to help financially with the needs in Kenya, please see the Sharing With the World page at Lifestream. You can give specifically toward the car, or to relief for widows and orphans.


  1. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes and a heart full of thankfulness to God that he showed his love for the people of Kenya through you and Kent. My wife and I were with you hours before you left for Kenya and perhaps for that reason this report afterward seems so powerful. How GREAT is the need of the story of God’s love! I wonder how different Africa would be today if missionaries had brought this message when they went to Africa starting in the 15th century! But all we have is today, and today I thank God you were able and willing to sacrifice on this trip to bring his love to people in Kenya. Now it’s our turn to do something about it.

  2. I have to tell you my heart was deeply moved and tears flowed freely. Papa has been showing me that pain and heartbreak are and have always been part and parcel of our human existence. He alone is the answer. His presence and love in the midst of unimaginable hurt doesn’t make the pain go away but it gives us the strength to go through it. It also keeps us from being destroyed by the weight of it. And that which is not destroyed is stronger. I know this personally.
    I prayed for you often and now will pray for these people as Papa gives them the ability to do the impossible. I am so glad to see what love can do.Love you guys.

  3. Loved the podcast. I listened with tears flowing. Just to know that Papa’s love is being revealed to them is “good news”. Mary & I spent 2 years in Kenya as missionaries in 1990-1993. It was the beginning of my journey to freedom. Which took another 14 years. So, I want to thank you & Kent for your sacrifice.
    I know that Papa is well pleased & much fruit will come from this.


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