Cared For In the Chaos of Life

While on his recent trip to Australia, Wayne had a chance to catch up with his friend and returning podcast guest, Kevin Smith. In this edition they talk about learning to live in the Father's care, even when everything in life seems to be in chaos. Finding his goodness in difficult times is critical to finding a peace that transcends circumstance. Finding out that he is not the God who is orchestrating your pain or even allowing it, will allow you to know him better and embrace the reality that we are cared for not based on our performance, but simply because we are his sons and daughters. An undercurrent to this podcast is coming to know who God is through the Scriptures as it undergirds our experience.

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  1. Intercessory prayer as the only response to crises is a passive response and God did not create us to be passive.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Michelle : ) This process of “leaning into Him” as Wayne phrases it, is much more active than I ever imagined before walking out this trust in Him. Appreciate that there are no formulas and learning to trust Him in the chaos is part of the growth that only happens as we live it out.

  3. What a blessing this podcast is. It answered so many of my questions and affirmed many of the things Jesus has been teaching me. It is good to hear Kevin’s voice again. I have been using the Lord’s Prayer as my prayer. At other times I just sit in Father’s presence and hold the person up to Him. I no longer tell Him what to do. Thank you Wayne

  4. I really enjoyed this podcast! I absolutely agree; I do not think God allows or orchestrates our pain. I am proof that you can be completely involved in yourself and “living in sin”, for lack of a better phrase, and God will still love you and come through in amazing ways. He completely blessed me when I was a basket case. The consequences of our actions will still be there but I believe that is due to our choice, not that God has punished us. In order to live in a free world where there’s a choice, good and bad exists. God gave us that choice and if we choose good, and to live in Him and Him in us, we can overcome or work through the “bad”. And then, expect good in return because He always works that way!!

    I also loved what you said about resting in God. Sometimes, I do find myself thinking the “Lizism’s” are God’s AWESOME idea and this frustrates me. Yet, as soon as I realize this, He gently reminds me to just rest in Him. Doing that almost always changes my perspective on the situation and I always have peace.

    Thank you for once again for an awesome podcast!

  5. Thanks again for these podcasts! My Christian life has taken such a massive turn for the better since I started listening. I’m just so grateful for Wayne and all his guests (and God!) for opening my eyes!

    I’m working on the listening part a lot. Liked the idea of writing down what I hear, notice etc. after praying. Then thinking over it. Is that me, God, or I-don’t-know? Then wait and see.

    I have to meditate on the freedom to “just see how things go”, without getting all bent out of shape over making a mistake. It’s like that expression Wayne uses, “relax into God”.

  6. Hey wayne

    Was just thinking….when we pray we are being who we are. Prayer is to keep our hearts open to the lord and to love, we have often thoughts that we gather in our heads that its to change a reality and so on. I really think that when jesus prays for me and you and everyone else , he loves us by doing so by expressing the hurt inside to our father to ask him to guide and keep us, I pray for people in hope that through my openess to god and love that I show by praying for them will help with thier lives. Normally when I come to this place about prayer I would sure let that person know I am praying for them, as jesus lets me know he is praying for me in his unique form that he does. In this I know he does it because he loves me. So I would pray for you and everyone else because I love and being just who I am, as jesus is being who he is. We are lovers not whitches, we are diverted from loving when we think religiously, so I stay open to love through prayer not change. Hope you understand my writing.

    Any way just a few thoughts…
    Cheers phil

  7. Hi there,
    I am generally enjoying your podcast, understanding the love of Father is THE crucial piece that is often missing from the Christian walk. I was sad to hear your commentary on Intercessory prayer and I believe that, like the powerful simplicity of Abba’s love for us, many his more esoteric gifts and ministries have been misrepresented.
    Intercessory prayer has nothing to do with changing God’s mind, nor is it a simple prayer ministry. We who are called to be Intercessors are not using this gift on our own behalf or to control others. We all have direct access to talk to Father so why should it be that we can’t pray on behalf of our other siblings? Even ones we don’t know yet. Our pain and suffering, chaos we cause and endure – these are universal; what isn’t universal is the knowledge of God’s love and grace for us. So when there are those who don’t know how to pray, or who are on the verge of losing their faith, or who are just in need in some other way- siblings get tapped (pressed) to enter into emotional and spiritual connections with them and the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we carry part of their burden/pain. Sometimes we fight against darkness with them or for them. I only know there have been times when, crying out in pain and fear, I have felt the comfort of The Spirit and have been “shown” others who were crying out with me and for me.

    For some scripture context, check out this blog post…

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