How Do I Let God Provide? (#698)

What does it mean for us to live in the Father's provision, especially if we want to live off the thing we love? Kyle Rice, Founder of Blue Sheep Media and an occasional guest on the podcast, joins Wayne for a discussion about ministry or creative aspirations and learning how God provides for us. There are no principles to guide us here, only a voice to lead us one step at a time. Rather than seeing God's purpose for us as a destination we strategize to get to, we might be better off learning to follow him as his will for us unfolds one simple decision at a time as we take the doors he nudges us to open.  They also talk about the complications of raising support from other people to fulfill our vision.

Podcast Notes:
Podcast with Kyle and Jess about starting a new media company
If You Can Help Us in Kenya


  1. I am struggling with that very issue today. I have had Parkinsons Disease for over 25 year now. I have prayed as have others for me for total healing God has told me no. I decided to try a fairly new treatment that has th e potential to heal me or ease my constant pain. If this treatment does anything for me am going against what God has told me how he uses me to reach people. Do I give up the treatment and follow His lead or I go my way and pray that He will continue to use me.

    • My father-in-law had Parkinson’s for over 40 years. I know it is a brutal condition to deal with on a daily basis. I don’t think seeking treatment would be an affront to how God has worked in you to reach people. It may be time for a new season. God doesn’t tell us stuff to last a lifetime; he wants to lead us day by day. He can make himself known through you with or without the disease. He’s really good that way!

  2. Maybe there was a time in my life that I felt the “world” needed access to my wisdom. Now past 50, I am coming around to reality and realizing that the number is closer to a handful . I figured that since I liked to write, that I needed to publish. Well I did that and I am still sitting on boxes of books that I can’t and don’t want to sell. The problem was I published and then changed my beliefs and convictions so much that what I spent massive amounts of money on a book that I didn’t want to sell anyone. Now I still like to write and it is still one of my biggest passions, but my need to have a big audience isn’t there anymore. So I write to write, not always needing to be read. And I write to encourage the people in my life that matter to me. And I write stories about those precious to me so I don’t forget them when I get old.

    My thoughts… Ruby from Calmar, Alberta, Canada

  3. Absolutely love this episode. The adventure of flowing with God follows the season of the death of religion for me. Once I understood that I was never abandoned by God, I found the courage to step out when I sensed a nudge in a certain direction. Some times, the outcomes have been positive. Other times, not so much. One thing for sure, I always learned something! And, I always experience the loving redirection from God. Then, it is up to me to surrender or not.

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