Meet Jake Colsen

For the last four years Wayne has been working with Dave Coleman writing an Internet book entitled So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore under the penname Jake Colsen. The book has now been released in print and Brad uses that opportunity to interview Wayne and Dave about how they wrote the book and what they hope it will accomplish. The three of them get into a wide-ranging discussion about shame, guilt, religious obligation and control and how Jesus' work sets us free to live in him. Their book is a challenge to rethink Christianity, not as the religion it has become, but as the relationship with his Father that he always meant it to be.


  1. Awesome podcast guys. I am trying to catch up with them all. I just discovered your contributions to the Body about four weeks ago. I have listened to the first 22 podcasts and I did read “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore”. I very much enjoyed the book and have been pointing others to the website. Please keep it available for free access. I have been experiencing that liberty that feels like getting out of the fish bowl and into the ocean, and I thank you for contributing to that process. I look forward to dialoging more with you guys in the future. Hopefully I will be caught up soon.

  2. God spoke directly to me through this podcast. It wasn’t so long ago that I found myself in a spiritual quandary, knowing that Jesus promised freedom, yet finding myself feeling trapped on every side. I prayed that He would show me what this freedom was and I remember crying, “God, WHERE is this freedom you promised?”

    I was struggling with a particular sin and feeling very guilty, not even being able to find Jesus because of the cloud of guilt. One evening I determined that I had to keep praying until I could break through. It’s hard to tell the whole thing, but in the end, I know Jesus told me that He was in MY corner, helping me, not condemning me, simply, “Because I care.”

    Thank God that He cares, that He is our Salvation, not our Condemnation. The Cross means everything and the sacrifice that Jesus made there brought our true freedom from guilt and condemnation – freedom to lean on Jesus and know that HE is the victor and we don’t have to try to save ourselves. This podcast was an awesome confirmation of what Jesus was showing me.

  3. I am reading “I don’t want to go to church any more” for the second time and while relaxing with handwork I clicked onto this podcast. Wow!I That was awesome. Thank you all so much.I can’t find words to describe what it going on in my head or my heart. I feel as if I have climbed a mountain and what I now see is beyond belief.

  4. I think you guys need to re-read the Bible. There is no control involved. Are you Jehova Witnesses
    You are not true Christians. The Bible gives you all the answers you need. Christ died for our sins
    and all he asks of you is to live a moral life, love your brother, and love Jesus, The Father, and the Holy Spirit with all your power. You appear to be heretics to me. I can go on and on but I am disgusted by your interpretation of Christianity……..

  5. Have been checking out God Journey occasionally for a few years now and being late to the party regarding this excellent book, I am delighted yet not surprised to discover that you are one of the contributing authors. Many of those thoughts and questions regarding the authenticity of the gospel as presented and often muddied by todays rendition of (institutionalized) church have been an angst in my soul for several years after learning more and more of the life of many churches behind the veils of secrecy regarding the treatment of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. When I witnessed first hand the lies and cover ups men and women were willing to undertake to save personal reputations and the viability of the business institution of church it became very clear that this model for the most part is founded on something less than honourable least of which is Christ.

    This book, having gone through it 5 times now, has put into a collaborative work the experiences and benefit of years of seasoned practice and learning that many a believers know all to well and has rightfully turned the model of church practice as defined biblically without the telltale distracting influences and compromises and turned church life on its head. I trust my fellow brother and commentator Mr Dluback will one day understand what is being presented and challenged in this simple yet paradigm shifting work.

    Thank you for this excellent collaborative work of fiction built upon years of non fictional and likely painful experiences as eluded to in this interview.

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