Learning Morality in Grace (#692)

"Thousands of well-meaning Christian parents are asking the law to do in the lives of their children what only the powerful grace of God can accomplish." That's not just true of parents, lots of people think they can follow Christ by rule-keeping rather than being empowered by live in his love. Julie is back with her dad to talk about the implications of teaching our children not only the ways God wants us to live, but also to receive the grace necessary to be empowered to follow him. When God speaks of righteousness he's speaking about how the universe is designed to work and how we can live most freely in it. The also talk about navigating the difficult issues of sexuality that confront children in our day, when they are least equipped to deal with it—in the confused hormones of adolescence.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. Please don’t worry about relating to parenting…I am an “auntie” but not a parent and have found these discussions very helpful with “life in general”! : )

  2. Still would love to hear Julie more and I’m glad that you are aware of it. Perhaps leave more space of quietness until she jumps in 🙂

  3. Thankful again particularly for your voices on the topic of gender/sexuality identity. My mother’s husband’s grandkid (16) shared at a large family gathering that he is gay. My mother’s husband was very upset and my mother was like “what do we do it’s SO sinful and we can’t support sin”. Her husband said he would not go to prom or any event that his grandson had with another boy like that.
    I asked them what their ultimate goal is for him…they said “to go to church” and I said okay but ultimately really what do you want for him eternally…they said, “to go to church”. I said well I think even more than that is that he would KNOW God…experience God…and if you two are part of the few people in his life that believe in God do you think he will want to know this God you believe in if you shut the door to all he participates in or if you show him love. My mother was very thankful as she just didn’t know how to handle the situation as she said it’s all over the Bible how sinful it is. I said well in one of the passages that it’s mentioned in some versions it is along with slander and gossip…would you be this upset if you found out he was gossiping? I shared how the media and culture has so much Christianity voice of condemning homosexuals that we don’t need more of that we need more of loving the person.
    And on another note some versions don’t mention homosexuality as sin…so I am still in conversation about that with God:). And I also don’t know what to think about hell anymore…another topic for me to seek wisdom on.
    My 9 year old daughter experienced “girl drama” with friends and she was crying and hurt and I was thankful to hear she said, “I just prayed and prayed for help and what to do” I love seeing the kids go to God directly for their struggles and joys.

  4. Appreciated your comments Victoria! Learning to grow with Him, being able to “walk in the dialogue with Him” as we move away from a self centered focus to learn from Him. Neat that your 9 yr old daughter was able to respond to her difficulties with going to Him directly. Blessings, Sue

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