Living Outside the Game (#875)

"If you don't play the game, the game will play you." In their last podcast of the year, Kyle asks Wayne about the process of settling back into Southern California after their trip around the U.S. How does it feel about returning to apartment living, and where does he see their future unfolding from here? Then, they settle into a conversation about getting out of the games people play that tend to distract us from how God wants us to live. Only by following Jesus outside those games and beyond the darkness that has found its way into our thinking can we begin to know the beauty and fruit of Jesus' kingdom. How can you find a faith authentic enough to get you through any challenge and leave you ever more transformed into his image?

Podcast Notes:
The video version of the recording of this podcast


  1. Bless you Wayne for descending into a large enclosed hole in the ground and living to tell the story. Tell Sara she is brave for going along with your antics. As for some of us this is not our idea of fun! Seriously though, thank you both for being an open book and letting us learn from the journey God led you on this year. Hearing the start and ongoing adventures has made my marriage stronger and has opened my eyes to the blessing my wife is but also my opportunity to more tenderly take care of her as the gift she is. Have a great Holiday and can’t wait to hear some new things God is showing you next year!

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