A Journey of Growing Trust

What do you do when your thirty-years old, and the hunger you have for God is unfulfilled by the religious answers you've been given? That's what faced Wayne's father almost 55 years ago and launched this young farmer and father of four on a journey of spiritual transformation that fulfilled his greatest hopes and proved to be a blessing to many others. For the first time Wayne interviews Eugene "Jake" Jacobsen, who is not only his dad, but over the course of his life has also been his mentor, sounding board, brother in Christ, and best friend. Now approaching ninety years of age he reflects back on his life, the lessons he learned, how his passion for God led him to a growing trust and obedience that opened some amazing doors in is life, and what he would say to other younger, hungry hearts today.

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  1. It was such a blessing to hear your Dad speak of his spiritual journey; much of which I never heard about during our youth. Great wisdom from a long life spent following hard after the Lord.

  2. What a blessing to hear Gene’s story, Wayne. You’re interview with one of God’s finest warriors is a keeper and one I plan to share with all my family. We will always be grateful for the way Gene and Jo loved us through all seasons. Most of all, we are under a huge debt of love to Father God for sending him to Harold at the end. He’s in heaven now because all of you loved him through his war when he was too weak to fight anymore. LOVE YOU ALL!! Betty

  3. I just LOVE your dad. This has been my favourite podcast to date. I would venture to say that God considers him to be one of the great heroes of the faith. I have no doubt he will hear, “Well done!” when it’s his time to go home.

  4. Wayne this is so precious. What an amazing legacy and gifting to have in your life. To have such a spiritual leader in your life explains a whole lot. Your dad is so gracious. You must get your snarky from your mom. LOL I love the youthful desire for more depth and life that was there when he was so young. Being disappointed that the time of miracles was past. That was so sweet. I love his simple beautiful trust. Wow. wow. I love love Satan is defeated!!!!! If only we knew this really knew this is the truth. Now I know where the wisdom of your descriptions of elders comes from. You are stinking blessed!! I totally wept through the story about Rod. What an amazing man of faith. I think I’m in love. LOL Just weeping through the end. What a heritage. Wayne this really is the best one. Thank you and thanks to your dad for saying yes to being recorded. This is a gift to the body of Christ. Glory.

  5. I lost my Mom five months ago at 76, and now my Dad just a few weeks ago at 77. My Mom’s passing was over a period of two years in and out of the hospital, whereas my Dad’s was sudden: a blood clot following surgery to remove a tumor from his lung caused him to go into cardiac arrest…they tried but could not revive him. My parents were divorced, but that never prevented me from having a close relationship with them – they both were like my best friend. Suddenly I feel like an orphan – it’s a very sad and strange feeling. Still, I was touched and very encouraged hearing this interview with your Dad. How special! Thank you both for sharing your story with us. What a treasure!

  6. Hi Wayne…and Mr. Jacobsen Sr. : ) Thanks for the invitation to know a little more about your life with your dad. Encouraging to hear stories of others who follow Jesus even when things are not “smooth sailing” and what that looks like in the journeys of other humans. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone and all over the world there are ppl following Jesus (even if we can’t see them) : ) Blessings

  7. Really appreciated hearing from your Dad Wayne.

    Explains quite a lot about you!

    In my own journey I have been amazed how often I have found myself traveling on the same sort of road as my own father – who was indeed a Godly man and a real God seeker.

    Richard Wilson
    One Tree Hill
    South Australia

  8. This has got to be the most insightful comment (from the podcast with his dad) I’ve heard in years. “Those are the things I remember, the things instilled in my life, that you’ve got to follow God where ever he is drawing you to go, even if the people you care about don’t understand what you are doing. And I think that is a hard lesson. I think a lot of people have been so schooled into wanting peoples approval, that it is very hard to be obedient to God when the people you care about can’t affirm what you are doing. And yet, where else do you go? What else do you do except follow the Lord, and trust the Lord with the consequences of what that is…..” ‘
    Being the first, and only workers in an all Islamic people of North West Africa, and stepping away from paid ministry to serve in real life ways in Canada too, this quote from the podcast so resonates. Little approval or affirmation from the status quo. But what else can you do but follow?

  9. testamonies are what really teach and confirm the workings of CHRIST in our journey,I sat and listened to eugene and could relate his expieriances to my own .thank you lord

  10. T was a blessing to hear from your Dad, Wayne. What a heritage you have. I was interested to hear him talk about deliverance. It is a subject that seems to be cropping in my thoughts at the moment but seems to have been forgotten about in our discussions. Has it disappeared? Do we no longer need it?

  11. Eve-Loraine, I don’t think it has disappeared at all. I think for a time it was sensationalized by those who had things to sell, like “deliverance ministries,” and most of that was fake or at least hyped. There are no less demons in the world and some times they have to be dealt with, but I think that is far more effectively done away from the crowds in simple prayers of faith and trust in Jesus.

  12. Thanks for sharing this truely God-guided life of your father, a real blessing and encouragement for each on this journey …

  13. Wayne, I just cried through this podcast and all your dad’s amazing testimonies. I’ve told our young sons some of his stories and they were really touched too. Please thank him from us for sharing and inspiring us to listen to Papa’s voice. I got goose bumps when your dad talked about breathing in the sweet Spirit of God. Just WOW.

  14. How sweet of you to say so, Abigail. I’ve had a tremendous heritage of faith from my father and appreciate him greatly.

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