Only What God Can Do

Brad takes Wayne with him through his Jerusalem trip and the experiences, insights, and questions that were part of his time in Israel with a group of Hasidic Jews. Through the additional insights of listeners, they also revisit the learning-to-ride the bike analogy from a few podcast ago as others share their thoughts about growing in trust and going for a ride with God. The theme throughout is something Brad read on base of the Kenesset Menorah. "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty." (Zechariah 4:6) We think so much rests in our hands, that really rests in his. Learning to live inside of his working, rather than our own manipulations is at the heart of living as a free child in the earth.


  1. My apologies to those “early adopters” this morning. We had a bad link that frustrated some of you. All fixed now. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. From ther Shack
    I pick up the dialog starting on page 161.
    “You must choose two of your children to spend eternity in God’s new heavens and new earth, but only two.”
    “What?” He erupted, turning to her in disbelief.
    “And you must choose three of your children to spend eternity in hell.”
    Mack couldn’t believe what he was hearing and started to panic.
    “Mackenzie…I am only asking you to do something you believe God does.”

    Are you suggesting that Hell is not eternal, or maybe universalism, which I understand you say you do not believe. Because as of late I have come to question the idea that ‘death’ in Romans 3:23, means eternal seperation from God in the burning lake of fire, and could just mean death, as opposed to eternal life.

    Do you beleive in eternal damnation?

  3. I heard you touch on Righteousness in the latest pod cast, and that people try to look for it in others by the open works/deeds they do before others, as it is in the “Boxed” ministry. Is not our righteousness determined in God’s eyes and before God only? Is this not why Jesus tells us to do good in secret, let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing and to pray in secret? From how I understand it, only God can see it since you are going to be more sincere about what you do if you do it without an audience. And the white robe we get when Jesus gives it to us (as mentioned in Revelations) is our righteousness. So I am not at all concerned about how others think or feel about me in my relationship with God, rather how my Father thinks or feels about me in our (my) relationship. Which I imagine is done with more love and understanding than I have about it when it comes to how I deal with Him personally.

  4. Hearing this podcast brought to my mind what Jesus told the woman at the well – that those who seek a relationship with God would not find it in this mountain or that mountain, but rather in spirit and in truth.

    Brad, I think it’s great that you and these wonderful Jewish people could leave your individual mountains and meet in that “sweet spot” Jesus talked about so long ago…

  5. I thought that it was very good wisdom when someone suggested that untold problems facing the world today would simply go away if only the 3 major monotheistic “religions” would stop refering to God as “theirs”.

    Then, just inside of that thought fits the whole “Living Loved” thought pattern! Can you imagine if 7 billion people on the planet would start living in the simplicity, yet incredible depth, of the love of the Father, and of his children for each other?

  6. loved hearing about Brad’s time in Israel – I have been in the midst of believing Jews and sensed something very deep spiritually – appreciated what Brad shared about his experiences there

    sorry about the shack/law suit thing – I have *known* in my heart for a very long time and have been praying for His solution/peace

    love you guys

  7. if that last bit strikes you wrong, please disregard [sorry there is not delete button] – altho it is hard to take back words already out there – just meant to say that He knows, He has known – and has everyone of you covered in His love – all of which you know already – 🙂

    as Brad talked about, ‘not by might or any of our power, but by His Spirit… ‘

  8. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out to podcast / write about this great journey. After years of unhappiness, a couple of weeks ago I prayed about leaving my church, worship team involvement etc etc, and felt a gentle “it’s ok” from God and quietly walked away. How beautiful to have Sundays to rest and rejuvenate! Spending time with my family and not feeling the slightest bit guilty! Soon after I started reading and listening to your information, and although am being very careful not to replace church with the website podcasts and articles, it is such a relief to know that I am not crazy, and that it is ok to just be me, not some performing Christian – I ALWAYS felt incredibly uncomfortable with that whole thing, but the last straw was being told to wear shirts that cover our zips from our jeans onstage because zips are distracting and ugly. ?! Don’t we all have zips in our jeans? ANYWAYS….. Lets not go there. Just too many rules. I love the people in the church I have left, so I am quite sad as I know many will not understand, but happily God has already thrown a few people my way to chat with who seem to get it – you don’t need to go to church and perform to please God, and that He loves me, as Bridget Jones says, “Just the way I am”. And I can rest in that. Thanks again, Dale

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