God’s Call to a New Generation (#799)

What if God wants to raise up a new generation of men and women who've not been tainted by religious obligation to reveal his glory in the world?  After Wayne shares a bit about his weekend in Amarillo, Wayne and Kyle dive into a seeming nudge from God about him revealing himself in the night to people who don't even know it is him or can talk about what they are experiencing in terms that evangelicals will recognize. Would we be able to serve that work, or would we feel the need to control it and prod it down the same tired road that has disfigured God's presence in the world? It just may be that some of us are here to encourage a new generation as they embrace God's reality surging within them.

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  1. My wife and I would love to make ourselves available to the new generation that God is raising up, it is a burning desire we both share!

  2. I so appreciated today’s message about the new generation. As a mother of two young adults, a 24-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son, this really hits close to home. I left big organized religion probably 15 years ago, and spent the next several years in a small home church situation that I can look back now see and see was somewhat cult like and incredibly stifling. The past few years I have been undoing the religious performance mindset and learning to live loved as Wayne calls it. I feel very thankful that my journey has touched my children’s lives as well. My son is one of the most accepting, loving young men I know. I see this from my own observation and also from what many people share with me. My daughter has such a beautiful soul and a big heart. At her work place, she has a whiteboard that she writes inspirational quotes as well as Bible verses. She has shared with me how much it has meant to her when coworkers have commented on the positivity of what she displays. One day just before Easter weekend a coworker was asking her if she was going to the church service on Thursday evening, the good Friday service, or the Easter morning service. My daughter finally shared that she does not attend church. The coworker was taken aback and said I thought you were a Christian because of what you write on your whiteboard. My daughter shared that she loves Jesus, she just does not attend a church. The sad result was that this coworker will no longer I talk to my daughter or even look her in the eye and avoids her as much as possible. Thankfully, my daughter knows this is not a reflection of her, and is not taking on shame from the coworker. I am joining with you to pray for the next generation, to hear God’s voice calling their name.

    • Blessed is the one that doesn’t take offense at the ignorant comments of the religious. I love your daughter already! Thanks for praying with us, Lisa.

  3. I listened to this a couple of days ago and my heart leapt. So much that ya’ll talked about has been on my heart for years, stirring again recently. 

    2 of the best quotes:
    “If theological certainty is more important that living out a relationship with a wild God then stay away from young people” -Wayne”
    The Holy Spirit is in the weeds!” -Kyle


    I started my day at the office being told about a realtor who was verbally abusive and demanding to someone on my team. She went on to tell me how this realtor is the wife of the pastor at a large church in the area. My heart sunk. “Please don’t tell me this”, was my response. Not because I didn’t want to know but because I have heard the story so often and at times it can just crush me and I don’t want others who don’t yet know the love of Father to hear stories like this. It seems to me in our country that religion has vaccinated us with Jesus. Just enough of the real thing to make us immune to the real thing. Stories like this only continue to advance the vaccine. 

    Then later that day I listened to yall’s conversation. What an encouragement! I have believed, and hoped, for over 2 decades now that God was raising up a new generation. When I began the journey out of religion almost 20 years ago my sons were young maybe 8 and 5. They were exposed to some of the gnarly but they were young enough for it not to really take root. I wondered numerous times over the years what a relationship with Jesus would look like for them, and other young people that were in similar situations, as they got older. Would their hearts be more engaged with a sense of hope and wonder not having the baggage of fear, or stuck in a belief system and all the other religious baggage that I had to work through. How much clearer could they hear his voice in their life. And what kind of an effect this could have on their families, friends, and communities.  Could my/our ceiling really be their floor? 

    How exciting to listen to you all talk about how this generation may be the generation of the sons (and daughters) of God to be revealed. And that our role may be to help them learn to listen and encourage them to run the race. I love it. I was challenged a few years back to change my language in a way to use less of the christian religious tongue so as not to run people off but rather invite them to think and consider.

    I do think the Spirit is talking to people in their dreams as well as movies, and music and so many other ways. Out in the weeds. In the midst of all the religious noise the weeds may be the only place the Spirit can be heard fresh and new. And I have long thought that perhaps the Kingdom needs less gardeners and more forest rangers. People that allow the spirit to be wild and Jesus to build his kingdom while protecting against well meaning human hands that want to shape it all the way the believe it should look.  

    Excellent conversation guys! Thanks!!

  4. Thanks for this podcast. I have been praying for my children and their friends to have God given dreams and hear Him calling them while they sleep. And then some how I stopped. Will pray with you for the youth of the world to experience His love at night!

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