Honoring The Space for Healing (#867)

Healing and transformation take a bit of time and the process can be draining. If we don't honor the process in our own journey we will be easily side-tracked by the compelling lies that can draw us into the darkness or be two busy to recognize and follow Father's work in us. Discovering how the Spirit is leading us to healing takes some attunement to his heart and the willingness to risk our illusions of safety to find our true security in his love and truth. (The recording of this podcast was featured on Facebook Live on The God Journey page. You can use the link below to see it. "Like" our page if you want to be notified of live recordings in the future.)

Podcast Notes:
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The video version of the recording of this podcast
Deep Trace by Tessa Van Wade
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  1. As an older Christ follower, not necessarily an elder, I have made, and I guess I must admit, I will continue to make, many mistakes. So, again being older, and being prone to mistakes, I’m going to go with what I believe to be a quote of the best thing I’ve heard in a long while!

    “It is a lie – any talk of God that does not comfort you.” ~ Meister Eckhart

    I think I ran across this quote in the mast recent book by Father Gregory Boyle. “The Whole Language”. Thanks for bringing this person to my attention Wayne.

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