Mirror or Lens, Frenzy or Flow? (#924)

That wisdom Jesus just gave you, did he intend that to be a lens to judge others with or a mirror to reveal what he is doing in you? Kyle and Wayne examine a number of questions that can help people be more responsive to the work of Jesus around them. Why does God seem to hem us in with circumstances that offer us little choice at times and at others only gentle nudges? What questions do you run from, or what conversation are you trying to avoid? Do you humanize the people you're at odds with or stereotype them dismissively? Are you living in the frenzy of the human effort or the flow of his Spirit? And finally, why did most Israelites miss the revelation they were waiting for in Jesus, and why did only a few recognize him?

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  1. Thanks again Kyle and Wayne. 2 years ago Father brought a book into my life that wrote about an older father who had mistreated his son (the author) and “broke” horses with cruelty. The son went on to become a famous horse trainer where he gently leads them and wins the heart of the horse. The same ends are achieved but by opposite means. Another shocking truth was that the horse in the 2nd scenario would learn the same thing but instead of six months of cruel oppositional training to get there, the horse in scenario 2 would learn the same thing in 6 weeks. Perhaps this is where the analogy breaks down because it seems that with “gentle winning” Father takes the longer route. Hope that your encouraging words to stay with Father in the long process will reach many.

  2. In listening to your recent podcast and what I am continuing to learn through Holy Spirit, I felt led to share about my experiences with horses in my life.
    I grew up with horses but never in the “performance” arena.(pun intended?? lol)!
    I’ve realized that I really bristle at the term a horse being broken…why would I want a broken horse?? I want a trusting relationship with the horse much like our Father desires our trust in Him. I currently volunteer as the lead session facilitator at a ranch ministry where participants get to work with horses to help them navigate all sorts of mental health issues. Equine Assisted Learning or Philosophy; I have begun calling it E.A.SE. (Equine Assisted Spiritual Encounter).
    In you and Kyle sharing of lens or mirror, I have often as the horse session facilitator sense the Holy Spirit tapping me on the shoulder and whispering to me, “ uhmm, are you getting this too in what you just shared with this person?”
    Horse whispering and Holy Spirit whispering is what makes this ministry so very special and effective in participants having their own “aha” moments as we relate the experiential activity with what’s transpiring in their life!
    Everyone will experience an emotion in being around or just observing horses. Dogs as well, but horses being prey animals bring such a different dynamic in people’s lives and I’m thrilled to be able to continue to meet with God in this way in my early 60’s and hopefully for many years; God willing!!
    Thank you again and I’ve been listening to The God Journey since I believe, mid 2000? With you and Brad as cohost; and my late husband.
    We met you in person in Castle Rock, CO at a personal home not long after my youngest son died in his sleep(2007).
    God bless!!
    Rhonda Littlefield

    • Hi again, Rhonda. Thanks for writing to share your experience and our connection. yes, the podcast began in 2005, so mid-2000s means you’ve been alongside for a long time. I love what you do with horses and with people. Sounds awesome.

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