Transforming Love #3 (#848)


"How do you know what God is showing you?"  A great question from one of our listeners takes Kyle and Wayne into the next phase of our continuing series about finding our way out of the chaos of a broken world and learning to live in the flow of God's Spirit.  As God reveals himself to us, he's helping us see what is real and not real about him, ourselves, our thoughts, and our conclusions about the things in front of us. We offer God binary choices when he wants to give us a different framework to navigate the circumstances before us. Only by pondering with him, with the Scriptures, with other followers of Christ can we fully recognize what he is saying to us.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. Thanks again Wayne and Kyle…these conversations are very helpful as Father walks me through challenges….learning that his reframing of circumstances or giving me a different way to think about them is valuable (whew that was a “run on” sentence)! Blessings, Sue

  2. hey wayne, do you believe that god causes the circumstances through which he speaks or pricks our mind through events he’s not controlling, or both?

    • Yes, Kent, I do think both and probably a hundred other options in there, too. I do think he does less orchestration of the events that cause our pain, but he uses the smallest things in creation, or just something in our eye line or hearing that expresses his heart to us. I also think he makes great use of whatever goes on around us to tune our hearts to his.

  3. From ‘way back when, about twenty-five years ago, someone made the following statement:
    Some people color inside the lines. Other people color outside the lines.
    Meanwhile God is somewhere else creating sculptures.
    Who can see it? Who can know it? Only those who get their noses off the paper and look around.

  4. Yes and Amen! God is for us! How liberating! I felt God say to me something I wasn’t expecting the other day. God asked me “Will you let me love you?” Oh wow! The lover of me and my soul wants to peruse me? He brings me Love gifts everyday – I just need to open my eyes and my heart to receive them.

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