Seeing God As He Really Is (#663)

If we don't have an accurate view of God, how can we get anything else right? So much of the way we process our circumstances, share fellowship with others, or even read the Scriptures are influenced by how we view God. Brad and Wayne talk about how important it is to have our view of God right, to see him as he really is. Only then will we be able recognize what's true around us and what is false. If we see him as a demanding taskmaster, we'll interpret things very differently than if we see him as loving Father working to draw us into an affection-based relationship with him. Our salvation is not just in jumping through some religious hoops, or praying for things the way we want them, but in actually learning to follow him as he draws us into his orbit and teaches us how to live in his ways.

Podcast Notes:
Wayne's Blog on God as Our Salvation
The latest news from our project in Kenya


  1. Wayne and Brad;

    Thanks as always for the podcast.

    In my journey the last 2 years I have come to know God as Healer; I never knew that the things in the Bible were accessible to us now! Walking with spirit and doing the things Jesus did.

    However, when I hear this podcast it fills me with thoughts of unbelief in regard to these things!

    I guess my question is: surely there are some things about God we can just say “This is true, the scriptures say this about you.” ???

    Aren’t there some “principles” as it were that help strengthen our faith, knowing what God has said about himself?

    With regard to even your friend Wayne, the fact that he is still contending for healing doesn’t change what God has revealed about his desire for healing and the kingdom to come, right?

    Sorry for such a long response, I guess I’m just a little down after the podcast today.

  2. I also was contemplating principle versus truth in this podcast…I guess I have thought the truth is “we are healed by His stripes” the truth is “He took curse upon Himself” and His desire is for Life, Healing and to believe for that. Whether that happens in some cases or not is for the individual to be in relation with the Father. My name is Victoria and I believe He has given me a gift of faith and also my name means victory…I definitely live my life in victorious mindset for myself and my family with faith in His victory of death and resurrection.
    Thankful for this podcast…so true to filter everything through the correct understanding of Father Gods character:) oh you guys made me laugh so funny you guys!

    Actually I had a dream last night of a gal praying for me in my dream and the “word” she got was that I am not rooted in evil but rooted in love and that my insides are flowers not evil”…this dream showed me I was getting into a direction of believing I was bad and His View of me was this instead of because of Christ I am rooted and grounded in love. When I see myself this way then I can now be this way to my kids instead of suspecting of them but knowing they are rooted in Love. Again how we relate in this world is how we understand our Father’s heart. Funny side note I told my youngest daughter today that she is rooted and grounded in love and she said, “okay but one thing…I don’t like grounded” (because her familiarity with that term is being grounded from iPads or grounded from seeing friends lol)

    • Victoria,
      What an awesome way for Father to reveal his heart for you, and in you! So much of our view is shaped from our own protected distortions and lies from the enemy of our souls. Since we see and know in part only – I have learned Father to be so much larger than my false expectations and legalistic pretenses expressed as Him, though this is not Him at all.

      The fact of God the Father coming into our space to walk me through all of it and do so in love is a truly beautiful thing.

      • Thank you Michell, I am thankful He speaks to us in our own unique ways and so so thankful as you said He is larger than the lies of the enemy and our own false ideas…

  3. Sorry meant Mitchell

    Anyways, I also wanted to comment on the Christmas conversation…
    I have been getting more and more of a “grinch” over the years and this year our immediate family decided not to do gifts but everyone still gave to us and we got lectured why we are supposed to give gifts. I have been in prayer the last couple of years and now even more so after this Christmas one thing I keep getting is to please God and not man so if I feel led not to give gifts I can do that and not conform to what our culture does even when given bible verses of why we are supposed to. And at the same time one of my daughters put up our Christmas tree and decorated our house (I don’t get into it at all but I don’t want to control others or ba humbug them) and she decided to give gifts because the tree needed gifts under it ha ha! Well that same principle applied to her…if she is feeling led to give then so be it, she doesn’t have to conform to my beliefs.
    After praying today I think it’s about Spirit led versus feeling forced…where the Spirit is the Lord is there is liberty and yes it’s a huge deal our Savoir was born and the angels praised God and from that day forth we continue to praise Him everyday for His birth, and now His Life, death and resurrection…it’s just very very very very very hard for me to participate in Christmas…I’m hoping next Christmas I can find a way to spend those days celebrating Jesus as every other day but not feeling the need to conform to society and go through the motions that my heart is not in and be judged for not giving gifts.
    I don’t know I’m still wrestling with it as we celebrate our own birthdays every year but for some reason celebrating the birth of Jesus every year has become weird for me. Holidays are just weird for me. I’m doing my best to listen in to Father about my very real struggle with Christmas and holidays. I sense His peace and again Him saying I don’t need to conform. I actually think I’m just meant to be a Kenyan as they just get together and party with loved ones and don’t do gifts or decorations:). I love that!

  4. Loved your thoughts Victoria. I too have a family that is mixed with a lot of performance overlay and when with them (particular people) also feel the weight of “you must conform”. I pray along with you that Jesus will give us more of His freedom and love…and wisdom to know how He asks us to respond in those moments of pressure. Blessings, Sue

    • Thank your Sue for your kindness 🙂 I feel it’s ”Christian holidays” in particular that I find issue with and I think it’s because my spirit doesn’t know how to celebrate tradition and man made holidays when my spirit desires the liberty and spontaneity of celebrating Him as His Spirit leads… I don’t know want to make my way a law as some do…some become legalistic that holidays are pagan or whatever I would like freedom to let people do as they feel led without judgment and allowing Father to meet them where they are at:). Prayers with you as well Sue that we respond as He leads:). Love and blessings to you as well! And Happy New Years Eve…we happen to be getting our party on now (my hubs and kids) we are from Midwest and blistery cold outside so I can laugh with Brad and his Wisconsin Years lol.

  5. Thanks Victoria! Your words shine with gentleness as well. Happy New Year to you all! Blessings, Sue

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