I Love You All The Time

What is God thinking when he allows tragedy into our lives? That's at the heart of the discussion Brad and Wayne have in the aftermath of the passing of a close friend of Wayne's. Our expectations about what we think God should do in the midst of our pain and suffering is one of the top three things that undermine our relationship with him. Jesus came to show us that we can live in the security of his love in the midst of our most tragic and painful moments and then instead of losing sight of him, we can follow him through it as God's purpose continues to unfold in our hearts.


  1. Whew, “lean not on your own understanding” Father has been speaking to me hard on this one and more confirmation came through your podcast. I feel a burning to talk to people about the gulf between what I see in my life and the “church’s” and the promises I see Father offering in scripture. People seem to me, and I could be all wet here, to nod there heads and agree with their words that what Father is promising is true, but living on very thin gruel (very watered down gospel). I think I’m just trying to say look how much Father loves us and how He wants to explode these pale imitations of the life He is offering. I guess however it just comes across as judgmental and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it’s that people want “good enough” and how dare you imply that “good enough” ain’t. If I was saying “you need to perform better” then I could understand, but I’m not. I’m saying (or trying to say) look there so much more let’s dive in the pool. So it was good to once again hear from you guys that I’m not in charge. I wrote down Wayne’s quote about “God’s purpose still unfolds even in the midst of mankind’s chaos.” Still we live in a church culture that seems to pass on a message that when it comes to Father’s Love, Spirit, equiping, etc starvation rations are all you should expect. Like Dickens orphan character “May I have some more please?” Only to be thrashed for asking. In such a culture it is hard to sit silently. Thank you guys for sharing.

  2. Needed this today. A very good friend said goodbye to a 3 year old grandson today. The sadness is overwhelming sometimes. Seems like the only comforting whisper I can hear is “remember he’s coming home to Me”. Whether your Buck at 60 something or Cameron at 3 they are home in Him. thanks for this today.

  3. Thanks
    I noted this line too—
    “God’s purpose still unfolds even in the midst of mankind’s chaos.”

    And this is true even when it me being a major part of the chaos.

  4. I just finished listening to this session and wanted share the following with you. When I was 13 yrs old my brother was killed in an automobile accident. I had never felt pain and anguish such as that experienced the moment I realized what my mother was trying to convey as she stumbled up the stairs in the wee hours of the morning after the police officers told her about his death. Almost immediate to my beginning to cry there was a gentle ‘voice’ within that wondered at the questions imbedded in the pain. I wanted to know if my brother loved me and if he knew that I truly loved him. I had been upset with him the night he left for waking me out of a deep sleep to help him find some things he wanted to take on his journey and that was the last time I saw him. Instantaneously I saw occurrences between us through the years when he risked my rejecting him and my ire by approaching me with things that concerned him. This time I saw them with the interpretation of how he risked personal comfort to convey something to me that would be to my greater good, and how they were no less love inspired than the times he took to show or teach me skills that he thought would benefit my life. That gentle ‘voice’ within conveyed to me the assurance that at his core my brother both loved me and knew my love for him. So, although my mind, my emotions, and my physical being were shaken and in the throes of pain, there was a deep seated peace that became foundational. I did not realize at that point the ‘who and why’ of that ‘voice.’ Having been indoctrinated in the Anglican Church and confirmed without the personal awareness of the Father’s reality as it would relate to my life, I was at the same time appreciative of this occurrence (while at the same time wondering about the level of my sanity). It was not until I was awakened to the reality of the Father that I understood it was His intervention that night that brought me comfort.
    So much of the topic you discussed in this podcast relates well to what I have shared concerning the loss of my brother. Though I was not in acknowledgement of our Father… He was very present and very involved in reaching out to me. It is not that I did not and still do not miss my brother some 40 years later… the process of grieving still had its time… but the richness of His love toward me made all the difference in how that process proceeded.

    One of the ‘gifts’ that has come out of that experience and the loss of others in my life is how Father has taught me to not fear talking to others who lose loved ones and also in relating to those with terminal illnesses. It is a sadness to me that when one faces the possibility of their imminent passing that others have issues with remaining ‘present’ to the situation based on their own thoughts and fears. As much as I hold on to hope that a healing would take place along with my realizing what the loss of that person’s presence would mean personally, I know that they need the honesty and the companionship just as much if not more than before that circumstance arose in their life. The death of our physical being is no less a part of our life than that which precedes it.

    During the last part of the podcast I was realizing that I need to relax into and learn Father’s path for me in personal situations where I shut down at the fear of rejection pertaining to personal relationships that do not proceed as my heart would desire for them to do so. It was a very timely message for me… I know I need to listen again so as to allow the Spirit to minister more deeply the essence of what was being stirred within my soul. So I may well post again to share in how that relates to His working in my life. Thanks for the love you both share with us.

  5. Forgot to add to my first comment that I also knew without a doubt the assurance that my brother was okay.. That same gentle voice impressed on me that he was okay and that he was happy… I can truly say that I expect to be reunited with him when I get called home. I can’t always say that assurance is there with others I know that have passed on… but for some reason I know that of him.

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