Always Faithful

What begins with Wayne's disillusionment about sports success and its hidden costs, ends up in a conversation about the hurt and anger that often comes from people who start to see through the religious lies they were taught. What allows us to live freely in the moment, even when things aren't turning out the way we want or hope? Brad and Wayne find peace in the simple reality that God is always with them in whatever mess they are in, whether or not it comes out the way they desired. Without certainty that God always remains faithful, even if we are unfaithful, we are left to live by our own performance, which will never be enough.

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  1. Thanks guys for another eye-opening conversation. I was blown away at the end when Wayne quoted the passage, “When we are faithless, he remains faithful for he can be no other than himself.” I have always heard that as, “when I am unfaithful he is faithful” like one cheating on their spouse. I was taught that committing sin was equivalent to “cheating on God”. So once again caught in the severe jaws of the Performance Trap.

    I heard it today as, “When I am faithless (lacking in faith or trust) He remains faithful (trusting, for love always trusts)”. He knows that eventually he will win me back to that place of trust. He has confidence in the power of his own love to eventually win out in the end. Such a difference between having doubts and cheating. Thanks again for letting us all be part of the conversation.

    Jim in Virginia

  2. For Wayne’s daughter — Quiet Spot Pet Tag silencers.

    I felt your pain. We were dog sitting for some friends years ago and the dog escaped from the back yard.

  3. Now, now Wayne. Don’t go overboard on one person’s view of what they say it takes to be a successful football coach. There have been successful coaches in all sports that have managed to have terrific family lives. Same with business. Sure, there are bad examples of cheating, lying businesspeople, but that’s the world we live in: people without Jesus at the center will do all kinds of things to find fulfillment, as you know from your institutional days. So be of good cheer and keep watching the greatest sport. And be thankful that you can root for a team that wins so consistently. Here in D.C., I’m stuck with the Redskins where a wildcard spot would be pure bliss.

  4. OMG, the dog story was wonderful,…talk about tear-jerking!
    A wonderful and timely podcast topic!

  5. I am absolutely convinced God led me to this podcast. I’ve been struggling with issues at work and have been praying for some guidance from God. I felt like I should check this site this morning and of course this podcast was exactly what I needed to hear. It could have been spoken directly to me in regards to my current work situation. To be successful at my work I would need to be absent from my family and cause a lot of stress in the world and I would not be successful in God’s eyes. This really helped me refocus and reprioritize.

  6. Re marital moments or forgiveness in general: I recently became aware of an intermediate step to forgiveness that helped me: the person that hurt me is not the Person that can heal me. The reflex reaction of trying to get “even” — is that because we think, at some primitive level, that if I hurt the other person in equal measure that justice is served and my pain will be cancelled out? Or a more mature or logical approach might be to just get him to understand how much he hurt me, so he’ll cough up a genuine apology, and that should make me feel better. But niether of those tactics will heal my pain, really. Isn’t that what I’m really after – to get healed from my pain?

    I am finding that when I take my hurt and pain to God, and just honestly process it with him, He comes up with miraculous, awesome and unexpected ways to heal my heart. Then I can deal with the offender from a position of grace, even if I have to tell them that whay they did is not OK, I am not looking to them for my healing, which is so fruitless and frustrating, because they are unable to provide that.

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