Prophecies and Conspiracy Theories (#763)

Why are there so many prophecies of doom and blessing being passed around the body of Christ today, and so many conspiracy theories? Is God really saying all that, or is something else going on in this time of international stress and uncertainty?  I invited Kyle to come along with me on this conversation as we try to answer how people can discern the genuine from the false, because we dare not discount the gift because of counterfeits. Just because someone tells you God gave them a dream, or confirmed it in some outlandish way, doesn't mean they are telling you the truth or speaking for him. Unfortunately, most of what I'm being sent today pegs my yuck meter. I always look for the testimony of Jesus in what I take in, because that is the spirit of prophecy. Anything else is just trying to support our illusion to be in control.

Podcast Notes:
Why Do So Many Christians Believe Conspiracy Theories (Relevant Magazine)
Can You Help Us One More Time in Kenya? 


  1. I loved this thank you thank you. I’ve been flooded from friends and family with similar emails. I related to Kyle’s scarcity driving some of his decisions. I love distilling it down to the issue of control. I do it too. Anyway loved this chat thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I don’t believe that conspiracy theories should be believed… in their entirety anyway. but I also believe that the “Official Story” regarding things that have happened in America as told by our government, may not always contain all of the facts. Our government still has information from the JFK assassination that may not be released to the public until 2021, or possibly never, over 55 years after the Warren Commission report.

    But for me this is OK. I have more peace believing that our government, all governments, all political parties are inherently flawed. For me to believe otherwise would be to revert back to my earlier mindset that I bought into back in 2000, that we could usher in the Kingdom of God simply by electing the right people; letting politics be a strong determining force in my spiritual path. This is not what I need or want. I want to trust our Messiah and not men.

  3. I had a dream 1/29/20 that has gone along with previous dreams I’ve had over the last 9 or so years about economic collapse…
    This one on 1/29/20 was about the Coronavirus being a stunt to cover the financial bankruptcy we are in…there is an illusion that the stock market is up so it’s all going to be okay but that is an illusion due to trillions or dollars being printed…the coming financial collpase will be blamed on the coronavirus but it was due to massive spending we don’t have…
    Logic also confirms this coronavirus has been a stunt used to control…the dearth rates down etc yet still the push for lock down and shut downs…
    There is no need for shut downs etc we need to protect the vulnerable in common sense of ways.

    I am thankful for dreams from God so I can have discernment in the midst of a system this world lies and manipulates.

    I have not heard any of the prophesies y’all have mentioned here such as the doomsday etc…but I do have dreams I believe are from God to give discernment and shine light…and it would be nice if people would start to at least test the “prophesies” and not throw everything out as it could help the Bride not fall into deception of control of this system of this world and also into unnecessary poverty.

    I have shut off the mainstream media due to the massive push of fear and lies and we have many people still watching the mainstream media and blinded in fear.

    We have to test the prophesy…and hopefully we don’t become so jaded or distant from prophesy that we reject or ignore it.

    I guess I would be labeled as a conspiracy theorist…yet time has shown the people in government leadership don’t always tell the truth….for example the Vietnam war, JF Kennedy assasination…and endless narratives spinned to the people from the mainstream media and politicians.

    Many blessings to you both!!

  4. Victoria, this podcast was not about all prophecies are false or that the government won’t lie to us. They lie to us all the time. For months they told us masks would not help against this disease and then admitted they were only doing that so Americans wouldn’t hoard them and medical people could have them. The military told us that they had a plan to win in Afghanistan, and now admit they never did. I hate that and wish there was more accountability for government spokespeople who intentionally mislead the American people. And it also wasn’t about genuine prophecies or dreams that God gives. This was about false prophecies and false conspiracy theories that are designed to manipulate people’s fear. I think we affirmed repeatedly that we both believe God speaks in extraordinary ways to people, but also that people will contrive such things to make a name for themselves. Let he or she that has ears to ear, listen carefully to the Spirit and not be so easily manipulated by false prophets.

  5. Thank you for this podcast. I was feeling isolated in my “yuck” meter when I saw a few of my fellow brothers and sisters buying into the conspiracy theories about child trafficking led by the Obamas and Clintons. I have other friends ramping up their preparedness for Christ’s second coming, turning to prophesy to process what is happening in the world (which I do think is valid, but it doesn’t change what I’m doing day-to-day). My point of empathy with these people has been, “This is what this person needs to tell themself to feel safe.” Your point was similar, in that this is what helps them feel in control. I can understand wanting to feel safe and in control, and finding this entry to empathy has been vital to my relationships over the past few months. (Even though I can’t agree with them or control them to MAKE them feel safe in the love of the Father.) Just thank you for your words, they certainly helped me feel like I have some allies out there that are staying sane and focusing on Jesus.

  6. The article in the relevant didn’t have one bible verse regarding prophecy. There lies the way to deception no matter whether the message is conservative or liberal.

    The bible is clear that there is coming a one world government that will be led by the antichrist by conspiracy. Jesus in Matt 24 told us to watch for the man of sin. This would be how we would know that Christ was coming back immediately. John Macarthur says we can take the mark and repent. So many false prophets.

    Jesus said not to be afraid when you see these things but anyone involved in the deception of the antichrist kingdom is going to be severely judged for what they have done to God’s children and that is where our hope must be.

  7. Just catching up on some of your podcasts. Really great discussion! As all do, I have my own subjective journey into these topics. I got saved as young 20+ year old in a Southern Baptist church where nobody around me talked about personal or more broadly spoken (political, governmental, etc) prophecies. Then, when I realized this body wasn’t talking about a host of other things I read in the bible, I found myself in more charismatic setting. They talked about many things I was curious about while also stretching me way deeper than I thought I would be stretched. I guess to use your all’s terms, I found my yuck meter! ha ha! But I wouldn’t trade those diverse experiences as I grew so much. I’ve had a somewhat back and forth journey with prophecy but overall land with absolutely loving the individual person to person sharing of a “sense” of what God is saying. And I really have to agree it’s all in the approach of how someone delivers that to me and vice versa. If appropriate, I’d also add that Shawn Bolz was one of the first voices (in more recent times) that would be considered a part of the charismatic movement to regularly speak about accountability in “words” given – one of the issues you all addressed. He is very critical of the lack of accountability, how people say / make many claims but have no accountability. Thank you all for a great discussion!

    • Right you are, Kevin. For now, the accountability has to lie with the individual and the other brothers and sisters they are talking with to determine the true prophet from a false one. Unfortunately, many make that determination by what THEY want, not what God wants. The path to error is always a broader one. Jesus warned us it would be.

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