Wink! Wink! And Other Traditions

Brad and Wayne are in a festive mood this holiday season as they catch up on their recent travels, share a poignant comic, and sort through the old mail bag. They hear from listeners at the moment of some amazing breakthroughs, and those who are struggling through the painfulness of disillusionment in hopes of it becoming grateful one day. They also talk about right-handed and left-handed power, and why Jesus forsook the one, to embrace the other in hopes of transforming humanity through the simple magnificence of his own person and how threatening that was to the religious leaders of his day. (Click here for the video referred to on the podcast.)

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  1. ROFL! Enjoyed the fish story and Darth Vader… too funny! Also appreciated your comment on the process of getting to gratefully disillusioned from being painfully disillusioned; I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a bit of a time getting things to sink in…

    A funny exorcism story for you: My cousin related that shortly after moving into her home, her neighbor was having septic problems… The woman was out in her back yard having a “come to Jesus meeting” and casting the devil out of the septic tank!!! Apparently she never wondered why the devil would want to be in the septic tank in the first place?????

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