He Is Not Hiding From You (#712)

Welcome to 2020! As Season 16 begins, Wayne takes a few moments to share a bit from his journey and what the podcast might look like in the year ahead. The observations he shares are specifically for those who feel like God hides too well from them and they wish he would make himself more plain to them. Taking Jesus' words from the upper room discourse in John, we discover that he wants to make himself plain, which is why he's opened a door of love for us because without it we cannot see how he is making himself known to us.

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  1. Hi Wayne, I really love your podcasts when you Are talking or teaching alone. Very easy to hear and so beneficial. You Are an amazing teacher. Thank you. Hope all is well with you and yours. In Him we are, Norma and Mel

    • (From Wayne): Thanks, Norma. I’m surprised at how many people have written to tell me how much they enjoyed or were helped by that brief podcast. I had no idea… Perhaps there may be more coming…

  2. Indeed a sense of belongingness to a God I thought I have come to know yet seem distant. Sharing your own experience in simplified terms, have aligned my search to a more real relationship journey. Surely it is reaching every part of the world.

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