Moving from an institutional mindset about body life to a relational one is not an easy process, and often the journey takes very different people through very similar stages. After Wayne and Brad following up on the leadership discussion in their last webcast with questions and comments submitted by others, they turn their attention to the process so many go through when we begin to hunger for more of God's life than their finding in their current institutions.


  1. Hi Guys

    Thanks for tackling the question of leadership today. It is definitely one of the pieces we are struggling to understand in our transition at this point in life. I don’t think this is the first or the last transition, but it is a big one. Glad we have met you along the way to offer thoughts and experiences to learn from.

    The great thing about our situation is that though there is concern expressed to us by Jen’s family, we don’t feel alienated from them or not loved in any way. We are still part of the family, and a very cool thing is that I think they can see that our relationship with Father is vibrant and growing. Not in the places we attend, or things we do or titles we wear but in the way we live our lives, how we live out God’s love in us and through us to others. So, perhaps this is just a way for them to get to see beyond the boxes they have known.

    I still long to understand what the role of leadership is in the body. I do not yet. I understand us to have one leader, not any of us being an intermediate leader. (Such as a pastor, elder, deacon, prophet, apostle, priest, father, or whatever other title we might accept.) It seems that Paul would not necessarily give it such detail if it did not have some role other than, “Look at that guy there, you can trust him.” Perhaps that is all… again, I am just trying to work through these things in my journey with him.

    For now, I will continue to try to follow my leader, Jesus, and ask him to help me understand how any other roles of leadership might play out in his family without “lording it over each other” or taking on titles like “father, master, teacher” – which seem to be things Jesus told us would harm us.

    I think perhaps you mentioned it, or as I listened, I thought of this… the leadership structure we have experienced is very much like the Israelites wanting to have a king, when God was in fact their King. We have a King, but we still think we need one, so, we appoint a Pastor, Elder or other titled leader. Perhaps it is a very similar thing. But then why is it addressed so much in the New Testament?

    Ahh… so many questions.

    Thanks for joining us in our journey via the web, and letting us chime in as well!
    Greg & Jen C

  2. I would just like to encourage those who are going through this transition to not concern themselves too much about where they are going to find relationship with other brothers and sisters. Our Father will provide just what you need when you need it. We really don’t need to rush around trying to find the people God wants in our lives – we just need to keep our eyes open to what he provdes. It might not be at all what you expect or think you need, but it will be what’s best for you to grow.

    Thanks for the podcasts!


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