Navigating Uncertainty (#834)

You have not passed this way before. Doing what we've always done is not going to serve us well in this time of uncertainty. Either being distracted by nostalgia or trusting our own instincts will easily lead us astray. The world is changing quickly and it will require a fresh sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit who guides. After that brief discussion, and not unrelated to it, Kyle and Wayne explore a new research study about young people and religion called Navigating Uncertainty. It describes the experiences young people are having in a COVID-infected world and while they are reaching out to God, they have little hope that organized religion holds the answers they are seeking. What a perfect time for those who can come alongside them in their questions and discovery rather than force answers they are not ready for.

Podcast Notes:
Blue Sheep Media
Tessa Van Wade's Book - Out of the Shadows
BBC Podcast The Coming Storm
Springtide Research Institute and their book Navigating Uncertainty
Helping with the Drought in Kenya


  1. I was wondering when Rob’s name would come up. I don’t particularly find a deep agenda to Rob’s questions although I think we all fight that temptation more than we realize and I can understand why Rob’s questions bother folks. Fortunately who Rob is has long ago been defined by God and his family who know him best. FYI, on The Robcast episode 186 Rob discusses The Heretic with his wife Kristen and I really enjoyed hearing her insight.

  2. No book has captivated me like “Out of the Shadows” Has. From page one through the book it was non stop action. Which I like in a thriller. Having read Ian Flemmings, James Bond books as well as Robert Ludlum of Jason Bourne series and Tom Clancey. This one ranks right there with a cannot put it down feel. When you announced the June release of the next book I was ecstatic. Bring it on! The subtle message of true identity is laced through the first book. Making similar parallels to the matrix movie in interesting allegories and metaphors. Cannot wait till June.

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